可怕的因缘果报 Karmic Returns Are Scary

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pembalasan Karma Memang Mengerikan
There are many spirits that are went into Homa Fires, and in this one below, there are many beside the fires. Enlarge it and you can see someone with a fur coat and hat.

Look at the Homa fires carefully.

The scenes during Abhiseka in Seattle.
Many of these students are not listening to what GM teaches!
They are too full to the brim with what they think they needed most!
Hahaha! GM said to : Form Mudra, Visualise, and Chant Mantra of yidam of the day!

Below: more spirits that are fortunate and have affinity to get purified in Homa Fires during Pure Karma’s HK event and delivered to Pureland.

The venue for HK event somehow materialised within 3 days of searching.
Why this place?
GM would like us to help lots of Unsettled spirits in this vicinity!

Karma is really scary!

For those that are students of GM Lu, many still Unable to listen and practice what he teaches!
The reason, their Karmic Hindrances too much, thus unable to accept GM’s Dharma Milk!


AA: 法師,我吾係問事��




2,我妹入伙新屋,坊間係拜四角,但師尊教是吾祗做給結界,灑淨呢,還有買一些供品供土地神呢 ?



BB: 我諗幫人之前自己做好結界為重中之重��


[— (1) AA has a friend that suffers from Insomnia, have not taken refuge, and asked for help from AA.

AA asked whether she can chant Great Compassion Mantra and sprinkle this mantra’s water, and visualise the [Hom] syllable to do boundary protection. Or can she use the perfume blessed from Homa session to do boundary protection.

(2) AA’s sister moving to new residence, is it praying to four corners?
But GM teaches not only to boundary protection, sprinkle to purify, still need to do offering to Earth deities. 
She said she chants finished and fellow students still unaware.
BB said that there are cases that after helping others, problems arises with the one giving help.
Thus need to do protection or armouring for self before helping.
GM has great powers and can help without having repercussion.

The above messages came in as I was in the midst of writing this article! 
Great timing!
GM said that One’s Karmic Debts or Hindrances follows One!

19-1-2012 中阴身 Bardo

{瞋(梵文:dveṣa,巴利文:dosa,藏文:zhe sdang),又作瞋恚、瞋怒、恚、怒,佛教术语,指愤怒厌恶、侵略他人等。}
After death go where?

Death does not mean all disintegrate, but another life beginning. Upon death, 3 forces determine the destination.

1. Follow One’s Karmic influences: reincarnate according to One’s heaviest good & evil karmic deeds 
2. Follow One’s thoughts: Thought adheres to One’s heart being moved. Example: When one has daily emotion of  [dvesa; aversion; hatred; anger], this anger’s strength or thought over-riding all others, this dvesa’s heart transform into fire and causing this person to drop into Hell upon demise.
3. Follows One’s habits: Habits are hardest to break. 
Initially, one creates Habit, as time goes by, all habits are accumulated and controls One.
Biologically term as [Habitual Effect].

My reply to AA & BB:
Asking to help a friend is considered as Personal Consultation as AA wants to know for personal purposes! :)
Now, lets try and recollect what GM has shared to date, shall we? 
I definitely talked about One bearing One’s own karma in HK.

(1) Like all illnesses or ailments, GM said they are results of One’s own karma!
And the person or subject involve needs to actively [Say sorry], then [Vow not to repeat], and then [make amends].
(2) Moving into new residence or premises: 
There are some place burning charcoal stove at the four corners of new place.
We can place Homa ashes instead of the burning fires. Also some ashes into the incense urn of the altar if any.
The perfume after blessed from Homa session can be used too for boundary protection and also as protective shield for Individuals.
Incense and other offerings to Earth Deities and spirits in and around this place is advised.
However, when a friend ask for help, it is prudent to teach this friend to help themselves, they need to actively [Say sorry], then [Vow not to repeat], and then [make amends].
The Friend has to do sutra chanting, dedicating merits to All beings.
Refuge or not, really doesn’t matter here. 
What matters is whether the subject willing to Repent or not!
If subject truly needs help, then subject needs to carry out the necessary to help self.  :)
Do not rush in to help without keeping in mind the 3 Wheels of Formlessness 三轮体空 in Bodhicitta 菩提心.
  1. No Giver
  2. No Receiver
  3. No Material given
When One has no thoughts of rewards or returns, then One won’t have to bear any karmic consequences on behalf of those we help!
Also when One includes all beings into the [Help List], then one also won’t be affected by any karmic consequences of providing help!
Please try to remember what GM has shared and do not ask questions like these again.
Learn to seek internally or within, and cultivate this good habit of being self sufficient, as Buddhas are all Self Sufficient and have Infinite to give too! 
Cheers all.

Lama Lotuschef

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