Yoga 相应? No Trace 无迹象!

Screen shot of GM during group cultivation in Seattle on 25 October 2014, Seattle time.


Lotuschef in Chat – Enlightened or Start to Blunder

Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Tercerahkan atau malah mulai membuat kesalahan besar?

莲厨聊天 – 开悟或开误 [2]

莲厨聊天 – 开悟或开误 [3]

Lotuschef in Chat – Enlightened or Start to Blunder [3]


[Still remember the announcement that Core posted, claiming it to be from Guru about Disciplines or Samaya, spoken after lunch one day?

Please read: Guru’s Statements [1][—Source: 密教弟子應嚴守三昧耶戒



7. Even for those top cultivators that abide discipline strictly, also loose out to those that single heartedly serve or care for Guru. Even if they have no time to spare to cultivate, can also receive Guru’s merits, this is very auspicious. ]

These are some points that GM shared in the above session.

如来心印传承 – 极为清净

Tathagata’s Heart Inscription transmission – only when One is Extremely Pure.

GM said cannot be dirty or “Garbage”.

心印 – 常见;三摩地;见法身;梦示; 。。。。

The inscription that GM gives can be in various forms,

Seeing GM all the time; In Samadhi; Seeing his Dharmakaya form; Dream instructions; ….

相应 – yoga

Abiding discipline then One can cultivate to Yoga.

What’s my point today? Hahaha!

Lotuschef at Play – Enlightenment & Sentient Possession


YY: They are stealing my Fans!

[YY is a reverend and he has a pool of followers which he classified as Fans!]

LC: Do you really have Fans?

[I started a Zen Dialogue upon SZ’s “go ahead” nod.]



What GM said today about Heart Inscription Transmission all found in my articles!

You failed to notice!!!

I also shared some during my maiden dharma speech in Seattle back in November 2009.

GM’s constant appearance during “dreams”; samadhi; cultivation; counselling; daily activities; …

Isn’t this what GM said today about those that had received the Heart Inscription Transmission?


NOW: Is it important to Read & Comprehend then Reason?

You can do all these with ease with tools like 4 Noble Truths!

You really don’t need to believe in anything I said!

Just listening to GM is more than enough for you.

So start by throwing away all your perceived “must be”, “must have”,…..!


You don’t want to be what GM termed as “Garbage”, so throw away garbage and be cleanse and pure.

Yes! All Keys are in GM’s sharing too!

Go find them!


Yoga in anyone still busy hoarding sentient mud or rolling in them?

No Trace at all!

To be discerning?

Understand GM’s sharing First!

Then you have a Base to compare what others attempt to force down your throats!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Lama Lotuschef

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