Affinity & Hindrances 缘与障碍 [2]

Someone sent me photos of themselves recently.


These couple that I met a few years back.

At that time, the wife has less brightness than the husband.
I told them that the husband will likely cultivate well in a much shorter time, because he has a “Child-like” aura.

However, the current photos shockingly told another story.

The wife didn’t improve much but the husband has undergone a “kimchi” treatment in the great big polluted urn that is sentient mud-pool!

His inviting child-like aura has changed and his features are blurred or vague.
One can’t clearly see his eyes, nose, mouth, face, ears,….

About 2 years ago, I heard that this husband practices “Spirits raising”!

Ah! I met him prior to this piece of Information, and his aura has already dulled by then.

The current ones are worse!

People walked into Hell thinking they already stepping on the Boddhisattva Path to Buddhahood!

What hinders this couple?

They are “loyal subjects” of Core or Core’s self proclaimed permanent chairperson!
Ya! This chairperson circulated a Memorandum stating that he will be the permanent chairperson and no election of this post hence!

Wow! Sentient tentacles are scary right?

These are articles to help anyone of like mindset save themselves!

See how GM cares for all?
Its all in his sharings whether in verbal or written forms!
It is also easily available to you as well.
The problem or choice lies with you too!
Grab hold of GM’s compassionate hand extended always out to you!
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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