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Student asked: Life is illusion?

Living Buddha Lian Sheng replied: Yes. Illusion.

Is the Western paradise true?

Yes, True.

Student asked; Since all sentient realm is Illusionary, where then is need to succour sentient beings?

Living Buddha Lian Sheng replied:  Knowing it is illusion, no need to leave illusion, succour illusion with truth, then attain illusionary joy.

What is the meaning of these?

Today, Living Buddha Lian Sheng succour sentient beings, is succour illusion, create illusionary good, execute illusionary matters, and accept illusionary joy.

What need to be like this?
Need to know that all comes from Truth, no illusion then no way to show the truth, just like no evil then cannot show good/kind, human body is false but using false then can cultivate the Truth.

Therefore, True Illusion’s definition as follows:

Differentiate Truth & illusion – Hinayana’s concept.

Mix or integrate Truth & illusion – Mid-yana’s concept.

Not Truth nor Illusion = Mahayana concept.

Student asked: Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Lian Sheng True person, Lian sheng shang-shi, red crown holy crowned vajra master, Xuan He Tao master, Mr. Lu Sheng Yan, which one is real or true?

I replied: [All is illusionary, and all is also true or real].

Why all illusionary?

All these titles as one, are naturally Mr Lu Sheng Yan, but split up they are illusionary.

Why is is also  real?

These titles are equal to one another and all equal to Mr Lu Sheng Yan, combine together is One, and One is the Truth.

Who is the 5 Dhyani Tathagatas?

The One opposite you.

Who is Buddha Locani, No Evil Eye Tathagata?

Is the one that is speaking.

Who is Padmakumara?

The Teacher you took refuge with.

I honestly tell all students, 5 dhyani buddhas – Buddha locani – padmakumara – lu sheng yan shangshi, basically all is the same [real person].

If anyone said this is very crazily proud!

This means this person [not realised], basically [have not realised], basically don’t know [zen].

「雲」就如同五方佛,[Cloud] is like 5 dhyani buddhas, 
「雨」就如同佛眼佛母,[Rain] is like buddha locani,
「水」如同蓮花童子, [Water] is like Padmakumara,
「氣」就如同盧勝彥上師。[Qi] is like VM Lu Sheng Yan.
This cloud descends as Rain, Rain touch ground as Water, Water meets heat evaporates and transform as [Qi], [Qi] rises to the sky as [Cloud].

Split up they have many titles or names.  Like Illusion.

Combine together, from the same origin or source. Is true or real.

This then is [Not Real Not Illusion] .

The Zen key of [Not real Not illusion] that I explained clearly today, is something that is deep dwelling and unique to our school, and out of this world. 

[GM explains that [Not Real Not Illusion] is [Samadhi’s Right View].

[All his writings are unpredictable transformation of written words, in actual fact they are Astral ability used uniquely by the Heart.]
True nature, not illusion not real, no self fixation, no dharma fixation, is real and constant me, return to origin nature of self.

Those that read my books, have affinity with Buddha, 
Those that Know my heart, make Boddhiscitta vow,
Those that take refuge with me, can attain Buddhahood with this body.
I am one who understands and can harmonise all matters, no blockage or hinders, a solitary spirt shining brightly, all dharma are void.

Buddha said: All Buddhas and all sentient beings, As One Heart, no further or different method.


This statement, all of you please go figure and realised.



These are all goodies or Keys that GM shared!

NOW: Can you all understand why I stated that the Dharmapala Forum is truly lacking in True understanding of what GM shared?

A truly diligent one would have taken or extracted some of GM’s articles to share or discuss in the said forum.

This way, they can share their understanding or viewpoints with others, and likewise others also can share their views after the reading chosen article.

Active dialogue is a very good way to learn or it can be called Brainstorming too!

What I called: Zen Bombardment!

However, the mentality or mindset of forum’s admin seems to be feeding directives or orders or mindset to be executed as ordered and to think and act with given or preset mindset.

Don’t you want to take charge of your own destiny when you take refuge and attempt to cultivate to realise this goal?


You can really do it all by yourself with only GM’s guidances!

Try it!

Hehe! You don’t need me too!   

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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