Affinity & Hindrances 缘与障碍 [1]

Above: Preparation for Homa – Fire Puja.

Below:My Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng.
I am not sure whether you really have the same Root Guru or not! :)

Below: Scenes during Abhiseka!

Yes! Affinity is really another major requisite for each individual attempting to cultivate to some level of “success” or attainment.

Do you have any?

If you are one of those that walked under the Abhiseka banners like those in the photos, busy with touching the banners with lots of stuff they are holding and ensure their heads also touch the banners, you are wasting your limited and precious time.
You also didn’t truly pay attention to what your Root Guru teaches you all the time!

If you think that going under the banners several times will also help you improve and enhance what ever you treasure and crave, then frankly speaking, you don’t get the Essences of Abhiseka at all!

In Taiwan, during the Usnisa Vijaya event’s abhiseka, the rain came down mercilessly or relentlessly on all!

However, some students were pushing ahead, shoving others OUT of their ways!

I was helping an elderly student who has difficulty walking towards the banners, and a few strong men pushed their ways through and shoving the elderly aside.

I told them: If you behave these ways, You won’t get the relevant abhiseka.

Hahaha! They glared at me as if to say, they will kill me to silence me!

THINK: Will GM Lu or Buddha endorse these behaviours of For Selves Only!
Will they endorse your violence and bad manners?

Now: Cultivation is also about changing or transforming Self into a Buddha, One that is Absolutely Pure and for All but never Self!

Do you have True Affinity with Buddha?
Not if you still have so much Hindrances of craving for Sentient Materials!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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