Endorsement from Shizun 师尊认证?



Please look at the above photos first. :)

What can you tell from each one of them?

HINT: GM said that what you can’t see or that which is invisible to most, are the more worthy or precious!

[ Hahaha!

Write to Your Root Guru?

GO seek a personal audience?

:) This is what Samaya is all about!
A One to One or Heart to Heart with One’s own Root Guru!!!

What can any one do to you when you have a constant and permanent link to your root guru?
Can anyone block a Buddha from others? NO!

Lets say you can speak many languages, at a pronouncement from some ignorant, will you lose the abilities of languages you know?

Same principle with cultivation, what you have cultivated and attained, NO ONE can Denounced! ]

This is not simply playing games, but playing Mind Games with you!
Applying your knowledge of basic principles of Buddha Dharma, the 4 Noble Truths and its 8 Fold Paths; you need to learn to be observe; analyse; deduce; and act or solve.
Remember that knowledge acquired this way, Absolutely No One can steal from you!
I recently translated some old articles of GM, and the most important message is “Let Go” then “Can Break Free”!

AA: so you will be the temporary abbot there in?

the lama reads and speaks english well too


BB: nah! temple n abbot are things that tie you down to sentient forms!
its in the recent article of GM that I translated!hourse , cars , love, fame status….

see how free I am now! hehe

AA: hmmm vm~~~~~~~~~~

See? When you gradually develop wisdom and not easily swayed by any factors external or internal to you, you can clearly tell that:
No matter where and when. (as in the photos above); GM blesses all with light compassionately all the time.

If you can’t feel it YET, just be diligent and you will soon feel waves of currents descending from your crown whenever you think of GM or Need Help!

I am sure too that by now with all the Maha Perfection Dharma has shared to date, you all should have deduced that I am not lying!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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