GM on [Yoga & Siddhi] 师尊讲[相应与悉地]

Screen capture of GM Lu, today, 18 October 2014, Seattle Time.
Today’s Yidam 今天同修本尊 : White Padmakumara 大白莲花童子。

Lotuschef in SZ is Your Miracle! 师尊是你的奇迹! [3]

Cultivating Diligently 精进修法 ? [Chinese]

精进修法 Cultivating Diligently? [English]

Question: Have you listen in to the above speech?

I recently wrote Assessment 评估; contents:
[一咒即生雙蓮池。A mantra instantly able to be born in Maha Twin Lotus Pond …….。
無上稀有大秘密 Unsurpassed and rarely exist great secret。]

Today, GM said when chants [Namo Amituofo], if you feel [Amitabha Buddha’s] presence, that is [Yoga]!

[Yoga] means you can go to Amitabha Buddha’s Pureland or [Siddhi]!

In actual fact, GM has employed many methods to teach you [Tantric dharma’s secret key], like in his [Dharma speeches]; his [writings]; and etc.

It is only your own [Heart’s demon] that is hindering you!

You and a group of ignorants, continuously attempt to hinder [Pure Karma] in dharma propagation?

Frankly speaking: You all don’t have the necessary glut or “muscle power” !

GM is soliciting [Business] for the [Dharmapala Forum]!

That is to say: [Dharmapala Forum] needs [Readers] and [Written Articles]!

Viewing on the surface: GM is supporting this [Dharmapala Forum], agree?


The in-depth view: [Dharmapala Forum] sending out [SOS] signals for HELP!

The above viewpoints are examples of [Using] Dharma fundamental, the [Eight Fold Noble Path]!

Using different angles to study and evaluate the same matter!

Of course, must still [Bear in Mind] that [Buddha Nature] is [Not Dual]; its [Absolute]!

Therefore, do you want to get [Extremely Secret Key]?

That has to see how deep is your Affinity with Buddha lol!

As to me?

Will only impart to those with Affinity, at the same instant, those that cultivates diligently!
That also has to see whether you can find and meet me or not!

In [Pure Karma’s] history, we have never sent out any [SOS] signals!

GM said: Padma-guru, can suppress Evil/demons; because have [What]?

Now think along this same line, why has Pure Karma not [Shut Down] till now?

What has Padma-guru and [Pure Karma] in common?

After deep thoughts” : You want to [Support] or [Hinder] [Pure Karma] in dharma propagation activities?


Slowly and thoroughly think upon these seriously!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Lama Lotuschef
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