Lotuschef in SZ is Your Miracle! 师尊是你的奇迹! [3]

< Hahaha! Now the Finale!

I taught her to chant Guru’s mantra, visualizing she is Guru and radiating Light to all, without differentiation and segregation! 
Just sharing the goodness of Universal Energy in the form of Light! :)

This time she stopped and smiled and said she felt wonderful and she said I must be the Miracle that SZ told her to find! 
[这次,她自动停下来, 微笑着对我说,她觉得很好,接着说道, 我应该是师尊叫她找的奇迹!]  >


Let’s scroll back to Rainbow Villa, on one Sunday, a student, Caucasian by birth, came forward to tell his story.
As he doesn’t understand Chinese, all he can do is to chant Guru’s mantra.

He said about one month into chanting Guru’s mantra, his cancer almost gone and he is able to walk.

His Miracle is also Shizun!

And Shizun’s mantra!




I taught some students to use Guru’s mantra recently.


They are of different levels of attainment or none at all.


Why do I say this?


How much diligence One puts into cultivation not only show in One’s aura but also the Speed of Understanding what is being shared or taught!


The common factor is Guru’s mantra.


The varying factor is how much diligence One has ploughed into Cultivation and in this case the 9-steps breathing practice is a crucial factor.


One can’t do what I share without mastery of Qi energy In; Out & Around One’s body!


When I teach you and you lied about understanding and “can do”, sorry to tell you that your lies only hinders yourself in cultivation.




Of course, your aura also betrayed you, telling me that you are lying!


I have stopped telling those that I meet casually anything about their auras.




Waste of time!


So, if you need help, SZ is your only choice!


Only if you cultivate and get no where, then, and only then, I might give you a little help.


As to whether you want or choose to believe me or not, I really not bothered at all! :)




Yes! Just Guru’s mantra and it works miracles!


If you still running around chasing Sentient materials, good luck!



Cheers all



Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Lama Lotuschef

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