Diamond Sutra & Unlearn 金刚经与忘掉

Man-made illusion of Spiritual Disintegration!


In the sūtra, the Buddha has finished his daily walk with the monks to gather offerings of food, and he sits down to rest.

Elder Subhūti comes forth and asks the Buddha a question.

What follows is a dialogue regarding the nature of perception. 

The Buddha often uses paradoxical phrases such as,

What is called the highest teaching is not the highest teaching”. 

The Buddha is generally thought to be trying to help Subhūti unlearn his preconceived, limited notions of the nature of reality and enlightenment.

A list of vivid metaphors for impermanence appears in a popular four-line verse at the end of the sūtra:

All conditioned phenomena
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, or shadows;
Like drops of dew, or flashes of lightning;
Thusly should they be contemplated.



The Diamond Sutra! “My” Sutra!!!

I have often share the Importance of USE!
That is using what is Taught in Sutra in Daily life, enhancing Life for all beings!

I told some fellow students to Unlearn or Throw Away all those Preconceived or Learned concepts or ideology, if they want to cultivate well!

One of them, told me he has done so!
My reply: You have not completely done so!

From recent incidents, this student and those with like mindset, sort of “Drop-back” into the doldrums (低迷) again!

They became like lost sheep, directionless!

Chasing after Cultivation methods and Sadhana that they believe will help them cultivate well!

The problem lies with Failure to grasp basics which is very commonly seen in TBS as well as other religious sector!

Seems NO ONE bothers to go learn Basic Buddha’s teachings like the Four Noble Truths; Karma; ….

Thus, these people also won’t find time to do research to enhance their own knowledge as well.

The Diamond Sutra is yet another Enlightening Sutra that most ignored.

Thus, “dreams, illusions, bubbles, or shadows; Like drops of dew, or flashes of lightning;” are taken for Real!


For example, the Formless 3 Wheels / 三轮体空, concept lies within this sutra too!

So much goodies and you let it flash by you?

I suggested to students to share and discuss GM’s articles to start with.
Shared but discuss is non existent!

The one who shares also failed to grasp whats within GM’s articles!

I highlighted some phrases & sentences in

I humbly suggest that you do not go create your own “dreams, illusions, bubbles, or shadows; Like drops of dew, or flashes of lightning;”.

Maha Perfection Dharma?
Pure, Simple, Immeasurably Varied, if you have the Right Key and Know where to USE it!

It can also be found in this sutra!

Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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