Assessment 评估

Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 7:28 PM
Dear all, 大家好

I am free to give you all Individual Assessment this Saturday & Sunday or next Saturday.

So October 11/12/18 only.
这个周六,周日,和下周六,就十月11/12/18 日,我有空余的时间给你们做评估。

Means each of you gets a 10-15 minutes time slot.
就是每人有10-15 分钟的时间。

I will be teaching you something to hopefully help you cultivate better.

This is private, one to one.


This is not a Free Wenshi session!

Saturday or Sunday between 2-4pm. 

周六或周日 下午 2-4 点。

Please let me know what time on Saturday or sunday suits you.
There were only 4 students that responded to the above invitation! :)
Actually GM assigned me to interview and assess one of them only.
My attempt to include more students don’t seem to work! 
Anyway, this is what I will do, if you register and attend:

1. I will let you show me “How much you have learned and Used them during Cultivation”!
2. I will then assess what else you need to know or do to make your Cultivation more effective.
3. If you have the relevant Affinity, then I will share with you the Secrets to this part of Dedication verse that we chant for Guru Yoga Sadhana 
 [一咒即生雙蓮池。A mantra instantly able to be born in Maha Twin Lotus Pond …….。
無上稀有大秘密 Unsurpassed and rarely exist great secret。]  


O! by the way, it is prudent for all students to really be diligent enough to look at all that You chant!
No point chanting blindly without comprehending.
If Affinity is present and Time permits, I will extend this Assessment to students from overseas when I meet them in their country of residence. 
11 Oct 2014 @ 16:13 AA: Thank you for your guidance.

@ 17: 39 Lotuschef: You are most welcome.

12 October 2014 12:30 Lotuschef: Hahaha! In his speech today, GM is now telling you what to do in detail.

Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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