做你自己吧!Be Yourself!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Jadilah Dirimu Sendiri!


I study Buddhism, intending to seek a [Senior Teacher] to take refuge with. This is mindset of most, nothing wrong with this.

In Sutrayana/Exoteric Buddhism, I took refuge with:

Guiding Teacher Yin Shun (Recommended by Kulapati Li Bing Nan).

Reverend Le Guo (Recommended by Kulapati Zhao Ji).
Reverend Dao An (Recommended by Kulapati Wang Yi Zhi).

In Nantou Bi Shan Yan Temple, accepted Boddhisattva Discipline ceremony as Recommended by Reverend Chan Min, Zen master Ru Xue strongly Recommended.

The 3 teachers of the Discipline ceremony were Reverends Jue Guang; Hui San; Xian Tun.

I intended to take refuge with Reverend Jue Guang. (Sadly was alienated in HK)

I intended to take refuge with Guiding teacher Yin Shun. (Sadly also someone alienated, my residence in Taiwan, just next door to Guiding Teacher Yin Shun, separated by one wall)


Arrived in America, had thought to take refuge with:


Venerable Xuan Hua. Not yet take refuge already got hit, causing me to be called into a little white house while entering America at Immigration Clearance, getting “Free Massage” for 2 years.

Reverend Xing Yun. Still have yet to take refuge, also got played, my [Buddha King of King] was dragged down.

Till this point, learning Exoteric Buddhism’s dream has been fragmented!

In Tantrayana/Esoteric Buddhism, I took refuge with:

Vajra Master Pu Fang, cultivating Cundi Bodhisattva Sadhana.

His Holiness 16th Karmapa, receiving 5-Buddhas strict crown abhiseka.

Sakya Dezhung Rinpoche – Kunga Denpe Nyima, receiving Abhiseka for many yidams, Vajra Master Abhiseka.

Reverend Liao Ming, Nyingma various Secrets, Secrets, Secrets secrets.

One of the 4 great Dharma Kings, Dasidupa (pinyin) abhiseka.

Lastly, took refuge with Guru Thubten Taerchi, receiving countless Abhiseka, Anuttarayoga Tantra & etc. I received much teachings from this Guru, and I am very respectful and dare not forget.

Till now, learning Buddhism in Tantrayana, be satisfactory in a manner.

Circling a big round, I feel [have confidence in self]; [Self Confidence] very important, pertaining to Cultivation matters, naturally must have refuge, learn Teachers’ Dharma, but similarly must have [Self Confidence], Confident that Self will attain Buddhahood, can walk one’s own way.
We take refuge in Buddha, dharma, Sangha, respectfully honouring Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Vajra Master, 3 or 4 refuge, the final direction is [Be Yourself]!
This is also Refuge in Self, Self Affirmation.

Finally, I understand, [Guru leads us into school, Cultivation depends on Individual self], we cannot rely on Guru forever,when you become Buddha be the master, that is to [Be Yourself!]

After taking refuge here and there, when relying here and there, someone said to me:

Lu Sheng Yan, you rely on this teacher, not right, rely on me!

Lu Sheng Yan, you rely on this teacher, only Kindergarden, rely on me!

Lu Sheng Yan, you teacher has yet to be Fully realised, how to teach you Full Realisation, quickly come and take refuge with me!

Lu Sheng Yan, your teacher doesn’t teach you, but I will teach you, so come take refuge with me!

Lu Sheng Yan, your teacher doesn’t understand Buddha Philosophy, but I do, you come take refuge in me!

Hei! (sigh). There are many who wanted to pull me into their sector or schools!

However, experiencing through with so many teachers, received so many Dharma, I am confident in Self, I am confident that [True Buddha Tantric Dharma] can reach the other shore. The more affirmation I have, the more confident I am, completely won’t be moved or affected, not even a little confused or deluded.

I be myself, not live for anyone, no need to act a role that for others’ liking, I just act myself.

I am an independent Me, I affirmed myself, this type of matter is only known between Buddhas.

I affirmed Buddha, Buddha affirmed me.

I am very happy, because I am independent already. What others said about me, I basically/completely not bothered, I am completely not bothered at how people look at me, I live my own life.

I can head up chest out (Upright & confident), I feel dignified and extraordinarily supreme, this then is [Lotus Light At Ease Buddha]’s true character!

居士是一种对人的称谓,梵语为迦罗越 kulapati,可以指居财之士、居家之士、在家学佛者。

Kulapati is a Sanskrit word for headperson of a lineage.

In common English parlance, Chancellor or Rector is sometimes used. “One whose greatness in comparison to others has been recognized or whose undisputed authority is unhesitatingly accepted “

In ancient India, the head person of a Gurukul was also called Kulapati. 
For example, Maharsi Garga was the kulapati of a Gurukul (university).
In modern times the post of Kulapati is sometimes a political choice. 
The general consensus is that Kulapati is a distinguished celebrity who commands respect and reverence from one and all and provides academic leadership to a large educational institution or network.


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Dear all,
Being Self is very important!
Then you can really cultivate to [自主生死 -control you own destiny]!
This is a key target of cultivation too! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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