Very Scary When You Start to THINK! 开始思考的你很恐怖!

After chancing upon the Scandal mongers’ forum, there are lots of interesting morsels to share or point out.

I vaguely recall one of the articles I glanced through briefly.

Well, this writer – anonymous, even listed out in point form, each “Crime” or “Sin” of the King’s court!
The King being pinned down as GM Lu! :)

Putting GM Lu in the King’s seat, little did these ignorants realised that they inadvertently “DROP” into the Lion’s Playground!
Remember that Buddha is liken to the Lion, the King of the Forest?
The Lion’s Roar Sutra?

Attempting to “Show-off” their Knowledge of Buddha Dharma, scriptures & etc, these ignorants actually drew the cord tightly around their own necks!

Not trying to frighten anyone!

:) If only these ignorants truly comprehend Buddha Dharma, they won’t start to “THINK” and Create Scary scary deeds that lead them instantaneously to Timeless Hell!

Quoting GM Lu: He said then you believe him!
How many of those in the scandal mongers’ forum are eye-witnesses to what are alleged of the various subjects in the King’s court?

A male & a female entering the same room together means they surely have lewd activities?
AH! Were you present when they are intimate?

The stories that were told are all hearsay or rumours, spread by “Words of Mouths”!

A truly wise one will not even listen what more spread it further and adding One’s own interpretation too!

Like Hot Lava that gathering and burn everything along its path, these rumours are blown out of proportion by You, when you start to THINK!


I humbly suggest you tell your own story of why you started this Hate You Campaign against a Living Buddha who has done you no wrong!

I wrote about Core’s 假传圣旨 falsely transmit Imperial Edict!

When people claimed that they have GM Lu’s permission to penalise you, this is the Moment you should THINK on the legitimacy of their claims! 

Those wishing to cross Yana One, must abide strictly to Not Hurt Anyone!

Therefore a Buddha, that had already crossed Yana 9, had long abide this rule and still constantly doing so!

Now really THINK: You are so worthy or great for someone to want to down you & replace you? :)

Like a reverend told me that some VMs that had achieved success with Phowa Practice, came to disturb her at night while she sleeps or spy on her activities!

What has these VMs to gain by spying on her or disturbing her?
Those that achieved Phowa are mostly diligent cultivators, why should they even bother to waste time on a reverend who has no worldly assets to steal from, if they are of that mindset!

SEE my Point: Your own Demon, Your own Fear of Loss of something you hold dearly, like your Ego or Pride!

You fell into the Abyss of Timeless Hell!

Letting Go then You can break free!

Now you can THINK upon these:
Has the named successor who wronged or ill-treated you succeeded in arriving at Full Realisation or Enlightenment?

Because he wronged you or ill-treated you!
Until he fully redeemed all his wrongs and fully repentant, abiding not to repeat, he will never ever even smell Enlightenment in this Lifetime!

Now are you clear that he pays for his own sins and really you should not even THINK to hit back at all!

His Sins, he pays!
Nothing to do with you, even if he directly wrongs you!

Well, after telling your own story, you have sort of Let Out & should now Let Go.

Take a deep breath and whew all the unhappiness far far away!

Let us start anew!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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