鬼有無輪迴? Does Ghost Has Samsara?

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Script by His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng Lu Sheng Yan


When I came into contact with [Spiritual Realm], I come to know that in this world [Have Ghost].

But, after cultivating Tantrayana, also get to know, after a person dies, his Bardo Body will “escape” from physical shell.
The Bardo Body is Spiritual Soul, also Ghost.

Starting from Death, Bardo Body’s escape, through 49 Days, then enter into 6-realm Samsara.

Therefore, doubts arose from within these:

1. Bardo body/Ghost, pass through a certain period then enter Samsara.

2. Bardo Body/Ghost, from old/past till now, many still exist, why do not accept Samsara?

This question keeps going to & fro within my mind.

One night, I had a dream:

In this dream, there is a high mountain, with waters surrounding it, extraordinary tranquil, unique flowers abound, very beautiful, I walk along the mountain round by the side of waters, enjoying the scenery, feeling joy & comfort.

There is a straw shed half way up the mountain, and an old man within, old man has clear features, compassionate brows kind eyes, like a cultivator of moral virtues.

We put our hands together and pay respect.

老翁說:Old man said: 

I am Tai Bai Jin Xing (Great White Golden Star), Waiting for Grandmaster Lu!

我非常訝異:I was very surprised:
「為何等我?」Why wait for me?

老翁說:Old man said:
「你心有疑,特為你釋疑而來!」You have doubts in your heart, so I specially come to explain to you!

我問:I asked:
「是鬼趣事?」Is the Ghost related matter?

老翁答:Old man answered:
「有輪迴,有不輪迴。」Have Samsara, Have no Samara.

我問:I asked:
「為何輪迴?」Why Samsara?

老翁答:Old man:
Have auspicious merits, Samsara; Have Sins, Samsara; Have Kindness Have Resentment, also Samasara.

我問:I asked:
「如何是不輪迴?」How then is No Samsara.

老翁答:Old man replied:
Those already attained 4 Saintly level, Buddha Boddhisattva level, Sangha, No Samsara.
Those entering into Timeless Hell, also No Samsara.
Some that do not have sins or merits, are allowed to travel around, no need Samsara.
Still have those Lifespan not finish, commit suicide, have balance Qi – stay, no balance Qi – disintegrate, cannot enter Samsara.

老翁又說:Old man also said:
There are those with loyal & righteous Qi, live “parasitically” on mountain, water, trees, rocks,…etc, can attach to Human Senses, also no samsara.
Those that were wronged, borrow forms to appear, to take revenge on Live subjects, also no samsara.

老翁最後說:Lastly, old man said:
There are Spiritual Deity that descent to help people; there are birth of Demons groups that tempt people to kill, all these exist.

我聽了,疑問頓釋。After listen to these, my doubt is clarified.

我說:I said:
After listening to Tai Bai jin Xing words, all doubts are open up and reasoned.

This person, I, like Ghosts, also frequently use Amrita to offer to Ghost and deities.

唸咒召請:Chant invocation mantra:
曠野鬼神眾。Ghosts & Deities of the Great Wilderness.
我一一施予甘露供養。I hereby offer you all one by one with Amrita.
Mantra: Om. Mu di li. svaha.

我有一個發現:I have one discovery:

In Taiwan, there are less ghosts & odd forms receiving my offering.

In America, there are more ghost & odd forms receiving my offering.

The difference is great.

Why? I know as follows:

台灣供鬼神者眾。There are more giving offering to ghosts & deities, in Taiwan.
西方供鬼神者稀。In Western countries, giving offering to ghosts & deities is rare.

蓮生活佛 盧勝彥文集第242冊「怪談一篇篇」

Living Buddha Lian Sheng Lu Sheng Yan Literary Collection No. 242 [Unusual Dialogue Pages by Pages].

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