Cultivating Diligently 精进修法 ?

Please look at these interesting screen-shots of the crowd passing under the Abhiseka Banners.
This happens every Sudnay at Seattle’s Rainbow Villa.。


A heart that remained unaffected, no matter what?

Listen to GM’s teachings?

1)AA: ZZ Cultivates diligently everyday. He has a small room specially to cultivate in.

2)BB:I steadfastly cultivate daily!

3)GM:DZ took a short 10 months to cultivate with success, he can see the gem-blue light of his own Buddha Nature!

4)I saw this fellow student’s photo on Facebook, his aura is dull greyish and eyes pretty scary looking. 

I asked whether he knows how to chant [100 syllables mantra].
He said he knows.
So I suggested to him to chant at least 108 times this [100 syllables mantra] daily.
2 years later, I met this student in person in Indonesia.
Wow! If not for his revealing about my suggestion to him, I truly won’t have link him with the one student from Facebook.

Last year, while visiting his house, I saw the statue that he revered in his altar of GM, hahaha!
Why he is so alike with GM?

He can chant various 108 times of 100 syllable mantra daily.
Each round of 108 times takes about 25 minutes.

5)This student, like many others, are being [restrained by someone using some practice ].

He would feel discomfort all over, breathless, headache,….etc.
Feels like going to die any moment.

Round 1, I helped him and suggest he chants 100 syllable mantra.

Round 2, at about 1am, he sent a message [requesting help]!

I executed [emergency rescue]!

After that, I told him: GM said that cannot have 3 round. If 3 round occurs, you have to go beg GM !

Hahaha! He is very obedient, everyday not only chant 100 syllable mantra once.

GM: you all cultivated for decades, still have not yoga with me.

Hahaha! Expound [Maha Perfection Dharma]?

Since you all so like to hear, so will appease you all!

GM said: What I said/shared, you all can understand? Cannot understand, then never mind.

Recently, in one Dharma speech, GM said he has lots of Sadhana from Lineage gurus, he will see about transmitting these to who!

Greed for [Big Dharma]?
Can you cultivate to success or attainment?

Hahaha! You never envisage that this [Maha Perfection Dharma] actually expose your [base]!

Exposed your original facade!

About 5 years! I said: Not True Buddha, Cannot sit on [Buddha’s Dharma Throne]!

No matter what, Dharmapalas will not let you get close!

GM said: The Invisible is even more worthy or precious.

Please ask yourself, true heartedly asked yourself, [Did I truly cultivate with diligence?]

Those that have cultivated with me; read the sharings of my blogs; also those that have written in to me; most of you also didn’t understand what GM shares!

That is why, I repeat and repeat, but you all still don’t understand.

Reason: Buddha’s 3 categories of unable to succour – Lack Affinity; Lack Believe; Full of Negative Karma.

GM uses Chinese/Mandarin to share Dharma, those that understand Chinese think that [Sure thing] will sure [Understand] GM’s teachings!

Ai! (sigh)
Not so!

Without Yoga, then [Won’t understand] what is shared!

Please [Think Deeply] for a little while, how am I to cultivate?

大手印瑜伽:Maha Mudra Yoga:
第一:专一  Stage 1: Concentrate on ONE

第二:离戏  Stage 2: Leave Show – Isolate self (Means not get involve in Sentient Play with others )
第三:一味 Stage 3: One Flavor
第四:无修 Stage 4: No Cultivation

Just Stage 1 & 2, you choose and fix program then do not listen to others.
Especially others that still cannot figure out how to go about cultivating by themselves!

Just Concentrate on One & Isolate Self!

Isolate Self, does not mean must go seek a deep and remote place to cultivate.
As long as you won’t be affected by External Interference, affected or [initialise heart and moving thoughts] to follow other’s words to act, thats it!

GM gifted us with [Vajrasattva Repentance Practice], the utmost in auspiciousness!
The special points also elaborately shared.
Why are you still wasting your limited lifespan going about in circles!

Just [100 syllable mantra]!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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