Sumptuous Meal 丰富的一餐

Above: Sambal prawn chilli with dried prawns & Olive oil, stir fried. Pumpkins added to this sambal mixture.  Above: Steam Chinese sausages & the Sambal prawn with Pumpkins. Below: Ready to steam – diced chicken marinated with cornflour, light soy sauce, olive oil & sesame oil + fried salted fish bits + red chilli bits + ginger strips. […]

你的身口意 Your Body Speech Mind

    AA: 請問法師如有朋友信觀音菩薩,未有皈依, 可以学高王经 和大悲咒吗? 清法师解答我的问题。 Question – IF have friend who believe in Avalokitesvara, have not taken refuge, CAN learn Gao wang sutra or Great compassion mantra? Can Fashi please answer my question. AA 师姐, 你这假设性的问题, 与修法无关。 AA shijie, you question is [IF], a hypothetical one and nothing to do with cultivation. 算是满足个人好奇心吧! […]

仁者无敌 The Benevolent Has No Enemy

仁者 – 具有大智慧,人格魅力,善良的人 仁者,意指有德行的人;有恩情的人。 在佛教谓对人的尊称。 《大日经疏》卷四:“梵音尔儞,名为仁者。” 《法华经·序品》:“四众龙神,瞻察仁者。” 施行仁政的君王,必然赢得民众的拥戴;上下一心,众志成城,是无人可敌的。 如《孙子兵法》中说“上下同欲者胜”。 施行仁政是“因”,上下同欲是“果”。 或者说:施行仁政,是实现“上下同欲”的必由之路。 梁惠王曰:“晋国,天下莫强焉,叟之所知也。及寡人之身,东败于齐,长子死焉;西丧地于秦七百里;南辱于楚。寡人耻之,愿比死者一洒之,如之何则可?” 孟子对曰;“地方百里而可以王。 王如施仁政于民,省刑罚,薄税敛,深耕易耨;壮者以暇日修其孝悌忠信,入以事其父兄,出以事其长上。 可使制梃以达秦楚之坚甲利兵矣。 “彼夺其民时,使不得耕耨以养其父母。 父母冻饿,兄弟妻子离散,彼陷溺其民,王往而征之,夫谁与王敌? 故曰:‘仁者无敌。’ 王请勿疑!” Link: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Benevolent Has No Enemy “The benevolent has no enemy” (仁者無敵, pronounced rén zhě wú dí) is a Chinese idiom that originated from Meng Zi (孟子), also known as Mencius, the most well-known successor […]

是真假不了,是假真不了!Truth Can’t Fake, False Can’t Be Truth!

  The above is my Root Guru, His Holiness, Living Buddha Lian Sheng! Hahaha! Is he yours too? Hahaha! I have always stress to all, In Tantrayana, One Only Need To Listen to One Absolute, and that is One’s Root Guru Only! Well, if you recall, GM said the same few weeks back in his […]

水落石出-离开真佛宗 Truth is Out – Leave TBS?

CHAT:  AA: I finished my “homework” for today liao! BB, perhaps can go translate this one first, when have time! hahaha! anonymous n tok chef are One & the same, #2! BB: ok, this one ya: 佛魔只隔一線 AA: Yup! Maha perfection really very bad news for #2 & team lol BB: there are some reference […]

佛魔只隔一線 Buddha & Mara is Separated by a Line

Extracted from: Lotuschef at Play – You Exposed Yourself again! :)… [[ Anonymous on 6/15/2013 妄語連連,佛魔只隔一線,不守戒律休論道,蓮廚請您自重! 你那半桶水的論戰,我看得都想吐了,適可而止,免得丟人現眼。哈哈哈! on Crazy Wisdom疯狂的智慧 – Buddha’s Language 佛的语言 [3] In this one, Anonymous alleged that I continue to churn lies or untruths. [From the recent Maha Perfection articles and Avatmasaka Sutra ones that I shared, these are from Buddha […]

Yoga 相应? No Trace 无迹象!

Screen shot of GM during group cultivation in Seattle on 25 October 2014, Seattle time. Refer: 莲厨聊天 – 开悟或开误 Lotuschef in Chat – Enlightened or Start to Blunder Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Tercerahkan atau malah mulai membuat kesalahan besar? 莲厨聊天 – 开悟或开误 [2] 莲厨聊天 – 开悟或开误 [3] Lotuschef in Chat – Enlightened or Start to Blunder […]