Boddhicitta – Avatamsaka Sutra Chapter 78

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      In Chapter 78 of Avatamsaka or Flower Adornment Sutra, Boddhicitta is enumerated.

        Have you been following us in this sutra?

        We sincerely hope so. :)
        In this chapter, you will learn the various types of Boddhicitta and all its characteristics too.

        {{  1. “善男子!譬如有人,持毗笈摩药,能令毒箭自然堕落。

        [毗笈摩 – 频伽陀(饮食)。药名。梵 Vigata Vigama。]

          2. “善男子!譬如有人,持善见药,能除一切所有诸病。

        3. 菩萨摩诃萨亦复如是,将起一切诸佛菩萨神通幻事,

        The above statements are extracted from Avatamsaka Sutra – Chapter 78.
        1. When you hold Vigama medicine, it can cause Poison arrows to drop naturally.
        Poison arrows are Greed, Aversion, Ignorance, and all Evil Thoughts.
        Similarly with Boddhicitta’s Vigama!
        2. When you hold Kind/Good View Medicine, can eliminate all Illnesses.
        Similarly with Boddhicitta’s Good View Medicine King, can eliminate all Suffering of Illnesses.
        3. With Boddhicitta Wish, can Attained Success in all Divine & Transcendental matters.
        Please go read this chapter.
        It details all you need to know about Boddhicitta and Cultivation.
        I have written several times about Boddhicitta.
        When you lack Boddhicitta, you can never attain Buddhahood!
        This statement is also documented in this chapter of the sutra.
        Enjoy! :)
        Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
        Lama Lotuschef

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