8-8-2014 Dream Vision-Haunted Washroom 梦示-洗手间有怨鬼


I was taking an afternoon nap as I woke up at about 5am. this morning.

In this dream, there was a long queue for this particular washroom at a Charity Hospital, in Hong Kong.

At that time, the chairwoman of this Hospital was making her “show face” rounds, with lots of wealthy “Tai Tai” 太太 in tow.

She started to chat with me too, seeing I am well dressed and “looks wealthy”.

I excused myself when my turn is up in the queue.

After easing myself, I discovered that there is someone under the sitting-toilet bowl uttering sounds, asking for Help.
That was followed by more.

I told them that I am a reverend and can help them.

Then a man in his early forties (> 43) appeared.
He is pretty good looking with short hair in a bob-style.
He told me his name in Cantonese, and I only got his surname 李Li, he then said to let the chairwoman take down his name.

Then his medical record or chart appeared with his photo affix to the top-right hand corner and his record number with this place is clearly printed as [No. 134].

Seems that Mr. Li and many didn’t get relevant medical aid and died unhappily.
Most of them hang around this hospital’s premises too, not isolated to this particular washroom!

As this is a Cry for Help; I will do a charity bardo delivery for Mr. Li and all Spirits that died from poor and inadequate medical care/aid.

I sincerely hope that the relevant institutions will look into improving the Medical Aid given purportedly in the name of Charity!

For all fellow students and cultivators, please help by doing dedication to all needy-spirits that Died with grudges.
Persuade them to Let Go, and help deliver them to Pureland!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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