Assignment [3] – Comments A

Comments from AA for Assignment [3]: At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ? ……………….. Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, who teaches him that wisdom only exists for the sake of putting it into practice; that it is only good insofar as it benefits all living beings. Reference ( And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is […]

Auras 磁场 – Energy Flow [能量]流

AA: don’t share my comments with anyone. else they submit them n won’t be their own efforts! However, remember that even spirits in Hell also can cultivate.  GM wrote 1 article about teaching spirits to do 9-steps breathing! So like the PR said: you need to participate, a good guide or spiritual leader, n the […]

Whats these 3 Assignments For?

Look at all 3 assignments properly, please. What have you missed? What did Assignment [1] revealed to You, a suppose to be sincere cultivator? Not one comment Truly shows Boddhicitta! Why? Because from the Beginning, you don’t know what you are doing when you took refuge vows! Then you just blindly follow the leader and […]

Tugas Baru ke-3 [28 Juli 2014] Waktu

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 28 Juli 2014Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus NinoSumber: 23-7-2014 Assignment 3 – Time 时间 在修行中的什么阶段 [时间]是 [精华/要]? 又在什么阶段 [时间]不是 [精华/要]? Dalam pelatihan diri, di tingkat manakah [Waktu] merupakan [Inti Sari / Sesuatu Yang Dibutuhkan]?Dan dalam pelatihan diri, di tingkat manakah [Waktu] bukan merupakan [Inti Sari / Sesuatu Yang Dibutuhkan]? Teman-teman sekalian dipersilakan untuk […]

Assignment 3 – Comment [1]

Assignment 3 在修行中的什么阶段 [时间]是 [精华/要]? 又在什么阶段 [时间]不是 [精华/要]? At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ? And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is not [Essence/Essential]? ~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Fashi The following are my comments on assignment 3.  Firstly, let me explain my views on 佛法的精华 (Translated as: Essence of Buddha Dharma)。 The first part consist […]

29-7-2014 Pure Karma Special Dedication Packages

Pure Karma has Special Dedication to the following:- 1. Dragon Kings & Courts & Spirits – for those working or in business related to Sea/Water. 2. Mountain Deities – for those working or in business related to Mountains & Forests. 3. City Deities & their courts & spirits – For all. Especially those that easily […]

From You-tube: Interview with Ponlop Rinpoche

Link: Listen to this one. The realisation of nature mind or Awakening doesn’t depend on any outer form, retreat or ritual. 1. Needs 3 things: Your participation; You need a good guide, spiritual friend or teacher; and then the Instructions, thats all. You have to do it anyway, all by yourself 2. To not to […]