Walls of Borobudur 般若佛图的墙壁

Above: This is closer to my vision.

The Hom syllables flows from right to left in lava-like fluids.

AA: Is it now close enough?
I attach 2 alternatives with one is more golden and one is more lighter towards canary yellow.

On 16 June 2014 21:28, Lotuschef > wrote:

there is canary light too flowing with the HOM syllables dividing the bricks


the bricks are Canary in color so is the mani gem inside the bricks n the hom is a little darker in color only.

hahaha! I am very clear on what I saw!
the whole mandala is golden yellow & without any damage

thats a buddha too!
like our buddha nature infinite & indestructible

external forms deceived the sentient eyes n minds only
like angkor wat in cambodia. I went there when I was 9 with my mom n peter
the place all ruin by war
but if i go there now, it will be the same magnificence as any pureland

AA: affirmative.

Lotuschef: The leaf is like the Fern & spread out lengthwise far out like two hands.
The leaf spread outwards n below lotus. Like fern leaf.

Dear all,
the Borobudur is a Mandala of Sakyamuni Buddha and like all divine related exists for a purpose only. The structure of this mandala although much ruin, will never obliterate any Divine presence if there is a need to succor any beings.
Cheers all
Om Gurs Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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