Sentient Gimmicks! 凡尘手腕![2]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tipu Muslihat Duniawi [2]Sentient Gimmicks! 凡尘手腕!


The notice said that GM Lu will give Abhiseka of [Tara’s request for solution through dreams method or practice.

Like last few years, they state that this abhiseka is a once-in-a-lifetime one and won’t give abhiseka of this one again.

Now let us journey again, please bring along your Knowledge of Buddha Dharma!
As I have pointed out, for the above Abhiseka which Core announced as yet another that will be transmitted Only Once by GM in this lifetime and no repeat; DO YOU NEED IT?

Never Ever Forget the Fundamental Requirements for any Deities or Divinities to “Listen” to you; “Talk to you”; “Execute your wishes”; or “Yoga with you as One”!

The First stage of Mahamudra is to Concentrate on ONE!

In Tantrayana, what all students need is their very own Root Guru!

Now think: Only transmit Once in this lifetime?

From another angle: This one is not necessary at all to most students if they are diligent and can achieve Guru Yoga!

Like wise those other yidams that Core states GM Lu will only transmit Once in this life-time!

Sales Gimmicks of Sentient Minded Beings, agree?

Now when GM does all events, LIVE CAST is almost always available.
Need you be physically present at the said event?

I know of some students that borrow from fellow students or friends & relatives, just to attend this manufactured “special events”!

Burdening Self and family with huge debts to get Abhiseka is not the way to go and not what GM or Buddha will sanction, agree? :)

Now Think: If you can Yoga with your Root Guru, Who are you?

Do you still need sentient methods of convenience like get answers or solutions for problems through Dreams from Deities or Divinities?

In the First place, a True Yogi has already “dumped” all sentient related matters, and NO MORE problems and worries or Sufferings that need answers and directions or solutions!

Only Sentient Minded beings will promote Sentient methods of convenience as they themselves need all this methods very badly and “Think that others” are of the same Mindset as themselves!
Some of these beings even dictate and force others to Do as they Do too!

Are you awake?
I mean have you wizen to their sentient gimmicks and give these gimmicks a Wide Wide Berth?


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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