Fun Time: Delusion 幻觉

Case 1
Hi Fashi,
Just something to share although it only a dream and not to 执着[Fixation].
I have a 吉祥[auspicious] dream after yesterday Vajrasattva repentance session.
In dream I saw white light from little to very shining when I chant shizun 心咒 [mantra]。
And I also use this white light to help a lot of 众生 [sentient beings]。
很吉祥的梦。[very auspicious dream]

Comments: In cases like the above, who has done Repentance practice, an auspicious dream means Repentance is positive or successful!

Case 2
In a group chat:-
Z said that Y (Muslim) should convert to Christianity. He went on to tell of seeing Jesus Christ and what a wonderful experience it was to him.

Y said when he was 18 years old, he thinks of girls all the time and in his dreams he also see himself with many girls doing all sorts of things with them.
To him, these are all very real! :)

NOW lets have FUN!

In Case 1, this student has a good aura and had many past experiences of being Cool, Calm, Clear minded in dreams to chant Guru Mantra.
This one is no Delusion.

Many are too up-tight about something and somehow in their dreams “THEY MANIFESTED” what they craved so desperately!

The important thing is what Aura does this person exudes when they tell you that they can see GOD?

Now remember I asked a fashi in Caotun Temple main hall on 17 May 2014 at about 2pm; can he see an animal zoo beside Grandmaster Lu on stage as he has Special Sight?

If he can see the Animal Zoo, why he continue to take sides and tell me to stop “creating havoc” ?

It is obvious his sight is limited, agree?

Now people that can “SEE” does not automatically points to their Heavenly eye being OPENED!

There is a range from Naked/Human Eye to Heavenly Eye!

In a previous article, the husband said he can see his wife as a Skeleton!
Let me tell you that seeing Skeleton means this person has yet to attain Heavenly Eye Fully!

Dear all, When your Aura do not match up, what you dream of or see are Delusions which are manifestation of what you crave most!

When someone tells me that he/she can see GM in or out of dream state, I have a good scan of their auras!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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