Impermanence 无常

See the number of students that get blessing from Guru every week?
Kneeling or standing in queue to await Guru’s blessing, sometimes here and sometimes there.
None of them have fixed places to stand or kneel for the next and subsequent session.

 I had quite a busy afternoon yesterday!
 A fellow student that was asking me some questions, suddenly slump and her left arm and leg lost mobility.
Her speech is slurred.
I am certain she has a minor stroke.

Thanks to efficient hotel personnel and 119 team, we got her to nearest emergency unit of a local hospital within half an hour.
A scan showed she has a patch of blood near the back of her head, pretty close to brain stem.
Seems High blood pressure or Hypertension is the cause of this sudden problem, commonly termed Stroke.

Things just happen without warning and pretty swift too.
Lucky for her, I managed to contact her siblings back home and they flew over early this morning to attend to her.
I dropped by to take a look at her before I set off to the airport for home.
Her blood pressure reading is stabilized and the consultant in charge had also given her siblings thorough explanation of her case and prognosis.
She would probably be discharged this coming Saturday and be able to fly home.

Now what is next?

Rehabilitation to gain back mobility of limbs and speech too!

I was pretty confident that she won’t fare badly because she didn’t lost consciousness after the attack and also she remembered to give us the code to unlock her mobile and search for details of her siblings to contact.

I learn an important point though!
It is best to write down the one to contact in emergencies and put into your wallet or purse.
Medical history would be useful too.

If possible travel with at least one companion or friend.

What if this student is all alone and no one find out about her having a stroke until it is too late to save her?

It is best to prepare for Emergencies, agree?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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