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Doing individual assessment of each students!






19-4-2014 Shizun on 5 Dhyani Buddhas Maha Brightne…

5 Buddhas Perfection Abhiseka – 5佛圆满灌

Lotuschef at Play – Who Am I ? 我是谁? [3]


PK 7: Just posted the links to yesterday’s speech

hahaha! did I or Didn’t i get the 5 dhyani buddhas’ light or brightness abhiseka?

if so, then I am already at least a 10-level boddhisattva liao lol! hahahaha…

found liao http://lotuschef.blogspot.sg/2013/10/5-buddhas-perfection-abhiseka.html

PK 5 : you should be a strong motivation for fellow fashis actually

they can look up to you as well
PK 7 : hahaha! you forgotten the Human factors of pride, ego, greed, jealousy, desires, power to control, subjugation of lesser beings; or aversions; ignorance …. :)

Not many can break free from all these and be humble and sincere to learn!!!

Anyway sharing to a certain extent is fine. but not indepth or one to one guidances.

PK 5 : yes, that’s why there’s the oral tradition for in-depth topics

as we need further assessments

PK 7 : yup. close up and personal assessment of each student or candidate aspiring to learn Mahamudra; Zen; maha perfection…just like Kungfu, without the foundations, teach liao also can’t master any technique

O! 9 steps breathing too!hahaha! u should see how some perform each session when they are supposed to do the breathing technique before Samadhi

Acting all the time!

PK 5 : wah tak boleh tahan if they’re still acting, wasting time

Dear all,
I was taught “Astrally” to look at each student before I aided them in doing offering during fire puja events. :)
As to how? Ask Shizun!

However, looking closely at photos of me during fire puja might throw light on many “unexplainable” issues!

Tantrayana is a very secretive sector and One’s Root Guru, or Lineage Acharya, can transmit Secret Teachings to you via many channels, and not restricted to being in his physical presence!

As Shizun is sharing Maha Perfection Dharma for quit a while, the truly attentive and diligent ones should pick up enough to advance rapidly in cultivation now!

So many Seeing LIGHT too!

Now understand why I need you to answer my questions before I share what you like to know or learn or asked? :)

Wisdom of Equality and Boddhicitta are my favorite topics!
So show me some sincerity and some good foundations please.
Else, don’t waste your time as well as mine!

An ordained person chose to renounce Sentient matters, but most of us are not beggars or slaves to Greedy and Ignorant sentient minded beings!

Do not think $$$ can buy a True yogi or Sangha!

As for me, you need to show me some level of understanding Buddha’s Wisdoms; some history of Boddhicitta; some “brightness” of aura from diligent cultivation; then we can talk!


Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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