Immeasurable Tantrayana – What’s next? 下一步?

S1: Fashi, after I see White Light, then ……. (He was halted from asking further.)

LC: Do not ask. Your questions are all of the same trend. Too systematic.
Like Zen concepts, Tantrayana is the same when in Maha Perfection Dharma.
As per SZ, One can INSTANTLY be “enlightened” to WHAT”S NEXT!

All you need to do is to cultivate diligently.

S1: I TRULY SUCCESSFUL in cultivating daily!

LC: Do you know what is TRULY SUCCESSFUL Cultivation?

As per SZ, you need to achieve Samadhi in each true successful cultivation!
From your aura, not yet!


Others present started to ask WHY can’t reveal the next step or steps.

Tantrayana is Immeasurable!

When ONE sees white light, some of these are consideration:-
1. what kind of white?
2. intensity of this white light?
3. in what scenario does this appear or visible to you?
4. shape and size too?
5. what “Feel” do you have when you sighted this light?

Noticed that S1 was pretty unhappy because I didn’t allow him to ask, what is next after seeing white light!!!
They didn’t pick up my article about Tantrayana being Immeasurable!!!

One needs to cultivate until some progress has shown;
otherwise killing some curiosities won’t be useful.

Each Individual progresses in Cultivation Levels at different speed varying with their knowledge of Buddha Dharma and their Bodhicitta! :)
Dear all, do remember that in Tantrayana is Infinitely Immeasurable but your Key operative is Boddhicitta, NEVER for Self Enhancement to show off your “POWER”!

SZ has shared much on Seeing Light recently and also Managing Light and Balancing Light.
How much do you Truly Comprehend and How much are you able to Utilize for the Benefit of All?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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