Lotuschef in the Final Countdown – Lawyers & Judges


 Picture above: Drawn by Lotus Yew Chung, from his aura reading of Lotuschef in 2010.

Picture shown: Drawn by Lotus Yew Chung in 2011, from Lotuschef’s narration of the golden blonde hair Little Lotuschef’s visit to a Heavenly World.


The following are books written by Lotuschef’s Root Guru, Padmakumara, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng.



Pure Karma’s Monastery in the Heavenly Realm!

Picture captured in November 2011. Lotuschef in Meditation. The Gold light orb should be Sharpyinma 般若佛母.

[[LC: sad to say that he will only be angry and fester hate, instead of grabbing the life line thrown his way

CN: most often this kind of timing is what is being lost and incomprehensible to related victim
The experiences I experienced in the Family Court from December 2005 till recently, is a path to Enlightenment and guided by Padmakumara, my Root Guru, from 2008 August.]]
To all, consider the Life Line that are thrown your way from time to time by me, Grab it or not? Choice is Yours only!

The battle of sentient needs of my children against my renunciation mindset are utmost through these years.
Hahaha! Full Renunciation is Enlightenment!
We often let sentient needs of Self hinder us, but in my case, the survival of my 3 children!

The lawyers of my ex-spouse seem to be able to convince the Judges that I am the one at fault and the obvious matter that we were abandoned were overlooked!

The lawyers in their professional capacity should always bear in mind to practice and uphold the Law and ensure Justice, but I don’t see any.
All of them involved in my case were oblivious of the Law and their agenda is to win the case for their client and reap more $$$ from him!

I also happened to be with a group of social workers that are Buddhist and give free counselling to the needies.

The lawyers that stood against some of these needy women, also wrote Affidavits that are truly a great Insult to the English Language and the Law!

They go to Law School to learn how to fib or lie Credibly?

The Judges would rather take the lawyers’ version all the time than believe a layperson that has no knowledge of the intricacy of the Law!

Think: When you are so lost and struggling to stay afloat during the proceedings, and with no knowledge of the law, can you fib or lie credibly like those that went to Law School to sharpen their claws, so to speak?

The Family court acceded to an hostile eviction of myself and the children from the only shelter we have last year, leaving us at large and living with friends and relatives all over.

The Court is oblivious of the suffering their acting God caused to the victims they created, not ascertaining whether they have the wherewithal to SURVIVE!

The Court hears only what the lawyers fed them.
I was told to go file a summons for monthly maintenance enforcement many times and the Court can’t/failed to enforce that monthly maintenance is paid and on time!

For the past 3+ years, we receive nothing in maintenance as ordered by the Family Court.
Estate maintenance and other expenses ordered by the Court also not paid for years.
So the Law still stand on the side of this person that blatantly ignore Court Orders or Defy Court Orders and think nothing of his unlawful ways. :)

Seeking help from PMO was instruction from my Root Guru.

These are all to set records into some official channel only.

I have to say Thank You to all that created so much Suffering for me and my children through these years of Divorce Proceedings. :)

We can say that we Braved the Tornado and Survived!

It is laughable that Sentient Greed in many are so predictable!
My ex sold the matrimonial property at $1,8 million which is low for the market.

Then the property agent from DZT, who didn’t secure a higher price for the property invoiced commission at 4% of sale value.
Market value for commission is mostly 1% and some might pay up to 2%!

Greed Knows No Bound!

The company that my ex transferred to his sister and later others, just to maintain his destitute claims to get out of paying just maintenance to us, is a very lucrative business.
It has achieved turnover at USD 50 million a year and their profit margins is about 62% on average.

That’s why IRAS locked on to him and his partner for Tax evasion, as they diverted these lucrative income to Hong Kong in accounts maintained by them and to other channels.

IRAS’ initial estimated penalty was $640 thousands. 
Base on this amount, we multiply by 3, yields almost $2 million. 
Hahaha! This is a pittance of the actual amount my ex and his partner actually evaded! 

The Taiwan Tax boys and those where these people operates, should have a closer look at their business activities!

For example: – My ex charged legal fees of Trademark suit filed by NEC Australia against them once to Singapore company, then once to the Taiwan company owned by his partner and lord knows where else!

These are all accounting irregularities that reduces the Chargeable Income of the companies owned solely or jointly by them!

They also established many like ones in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai, ….

The family court said that my ex can keep all these and not share too! :)
The same court also said as he has to pay penalties for tax evasion to IRAS, so allot more to him for this purpose!
He committed crimes and me and children have to suffer too!
Fantastic logic!

I remember asking for a Lump Sum Payment from my ex, at $75 millions.
I know he will default on maintenance payments.
My estimates are based on earnings of the business he owns but hid for the coming 20 years at least.

Also he owes me for his fees for Informatics, SIM Diploma and MBA studies and with interest should be >$300 thousands.

Why cheat on small petty sums like sales commission of 4% of 1.8 million is only $72 thousands!

The Law seems to have many loopholes and people with unscrupulous legal practitioners are able to be free easily.

Shizun is right!
Legal battles are waste for resources as win or lose, the legal practitioners are the ones the filled their pockets only! 

However, lets turn to another angle now.
KARMA of an individual and also collectively of a group of individuals, bent on same mischief to cheat and steal from others and even to cause grievous harm or lethal injuries.

Yes! This is Final Countdown! 

Recent services of Bardo delivery to Individual’s Karmic foes or negatives, bring to mind how enormous one’s Karmic foes can exact payment.

Those suffering from cancers are those who has great negative karma of Killing from this or past lives.
Those with renal failures are also from great negative of cheating and stealing from others, and also adulteries or promiscuity.
Breathing problem? You strangulated one or more at some time in your present or past lives.

Speech problem? A good example is legal practitioners that used their speech to “Kill” !
I remember writing about reading an aura of a legal practitioner “Fresh from the Kill”!
She has just won a case for her client and the look on her face is truly scary and make one’s goose-pimples parade on sight!

相由心生- one’s aura or features grow from one’s heart.
Yes! with prolong negative deeds, One’s features get “re-written”, and for those that “Can See”, you are just an Opened – Book! 

This is at a session of a Master that helped me break free from a Black Magic Spell, whereby I am all chained up.
My ex denied doing these heinous stuff to me, but we all know that for these evil stuff to work, my birth data, my representative essence like hair or worn clothing and etc are needed.
Then slipping things into food that I will eat too!
Who else has these access?

Master said to this one in front of him, (I am seated in a long row awaiting my turn), you owe lots because you went around temples asking for 财 wealth, then you received but never go back and say “Thank You”. You owe XXX, so go to his temple and pay back immediately.

So whatever your negative deeds,  it can be “read” by a Master who has special “EYES”!

If you are lucky, you can go pay up and neutralize your negative karma of this lifetime and the previous ones too.

Also for those that has been evil to me, think you want to say sorry and pay your debts before you depart this realm and have no more chance to SAY SORRY & PAY Your Debts?

WHY before you depart and not I DEPART? :)

I can live to 100 if I choose for this visit!
Believe or not up to you!

MR CGH, if you or any of your runners, read this post, just go ahead and complete your performances, I have no leisure to entertain nor waste time in you and runners and all related parties.

Your Karma, Your Responsibility!

Same to all lawyers and judges.

Bear in Mind that Hurting Anyone is actually Hurting Self! 

Don’t go too deep into the Dark though, even if I am assigned to succor you, you may suffer “A Long While” before I locate you. :)

With Metta to all lost souls.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from the Notes of Lotuschef

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