Lotuschef at Play – Why Didn’t Listen to Buddha? 为何没听世尊的?

Above, Sakyamuni Buddha at Chung Tai Zen Monastery in Puli, Taiwan.

Most cultivators believe in The Hard Way or 苦行.

Most often depriving Self of necessities to maintain a Healthy Shell to continue to cultivate! :)

Sakyamuni Buddha has found out after practicing the Hard Way, and he almost died, then he realized that torturing or depriving One’s physical self, detracts more than enhance cultivation.

Despite other cultivators harsh and abusive words, he starts to eat well and rest well.

He attained Buddhahood but not those that cultivate the Hard Way!

Even till now, sentient beings admire those cultivators that

1. Eats one meal a day

2. Neglect their physical health

3. torture their torso

Hahaha! The recent Usnisa Event in Taipei ignites this article.

This chapter always do 7 days & nights continuous chanting of Usnisa Vijaya Dharani.

Buddha’s words of caring for health of self to be able to cultivate with full alertness and concentration went down the drains for these people?

Why boast of NON-STOP?

We all know a Human Shell has its limitations and pushing self as well as others these way is not the way to go at all!

Likewise those students that were ordered or forced to go sit in the VIP’s area as their “bosses” have to show appreciation for the allocation of these seats!

Pray tell, why don’t these “bosses” go join their followers?


In Extenuating Circumstances, its the well being of the followers that matters more than to give face to the event hosts or organizers, agree?

People who has fixated ideas or those fed to them by others that they think are authorities on the subjects or matters, Give up control of Self to others!

Chanting Non-Stop for 7 days & nights without adequate nutrition to body and mind, actually breaches what Buddha taught us.

SZ also taught us to treasure our Physical well being in order to cultivate well.

Stressing one’s body to the limit all the time, will result in ill health.

Like machines, One’s body will break down with over-usage.

I read that another chapter also doing the same soon!


Lacking of Buddha’s Universal Wisdom is the matter with all these people!

Why ordered people into the rain?

Think: would SZ or Buddha do that?


I remember hearing a speech about how much anguish and hard labor went into the planning of Temple Building and then the commencement of the building process.

I actually silently asked this person: then why build a temple?

Now seems today is good to share the Fundamentals of Buddha’s teaching — 4 Noble Truths!

Before you build a temple, THINK

1 Do I need a temple to propagate Buddha Dharma?

2.What are my alternatives?

Why do you complain about the hardship & lack of rest and etc….now?

I believe that if you are really tasked to do something or assigned to a project, All Divinities will help you and you have no time even to complain about tiredness or lack of support or lack of funds!!!

Take Pure Karma for example; we have private premises to use for cultivation of events locally and overseas.

We have very low overheads and no need to go spin yarn for people to register for this and that which your sales pitch promises them, Wealth and Power, and eventually you can’t deliver as promised!

I believe in Affinity and also Freedom of choice.

When you need help and you are sincere in seeking help to make a change, Buddha will send the required help to you.

If you get bluff or cheated by religious cheats, then its your karma and your affinity with Buddha is still lacking.

We are Mobile Altars, if you believe Shizun’s words!

So you really don’t need a temple to cultivate well! :)

If you watch the speech that I gave in Seattle temple on 7 November 2009, you will realized why I am targeted to be remove from TBS too!

I shared Mahamudra practice of transformation into SZ and also transform all beings likewise!

With SZ sharing Maha Perfection Dharma, have you figured out what I shared all along bear much similarity too?

A shijie asked me why she just can’t comprehend what SZ said.

If you understand Karma and have some enlightenment, you can answer her now! :)

Stop Torturing Self as well as others that follow you!

Please remember that Buddha teaches ways to find everlasting Happiness and sharing this widely too!

If you are unhappy, or too preoccupied with worrying that Lotuschef is after your position or wants control over you and others, please wake up now!

Lotuschef is never interested in anything that creates negative emotions!

O! And SZ said that Comparison is the precursor of Disputes!

To me, Disputes lead to WAR!

SZ said there is a Mini-war this Horse year, are you the perpetrator?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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