Lotuschef at Play – 缺乏了解 Lack of Understanding?

Shizun going around giving Moding-blessing and the named successor who is experienced in Administration walked ahead in the kneeling queue, pushing out SZ’s sling bag for students to touch and in return collected “tokens of appreciation” for this “privilege” marketed!

Students think they need more blessing on top of SZ’s personal blessing by moding?

Yes! They are somehow taught or broke into these “Ideology” that they need to do as VMs taught!

These are people that “Don’t understand what is Contentment as shared by Sakyamuni Buddha!”

SZ talks about how to purify Body Speech & Mind at the Taipei event.

Question: What do you really need? $$$?

Hahaha! Pray go think about How Much is truly enough?

Question: Do you realize that $$$ not honestly earned with your own efforts will not benefit you at all?! :)

Now, let’s look at how much you know about “走火入魔“ – means literally fire runs and demon enters!

Recently some one alleged that SZ said I am in this status of “走火入魔”!

Sadly the person who go spead these type of lies are really Ignorant of this phrase!

  1. For a practitioner of Qi-gong, this phrase means he has practiced or cultivated wrongly and hurt or injured his “internal system.
  2. Some believe that a cultivator that injures himself while practicing Qi-gong, becomes a Demon!


What is your version then?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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