Pure Karma CNY Visit to Taiwan [2]

The tempting selection at my favorite haunt, 85C.

卤肉饭 Black sauce mince pork rice & other delicacies.

SZ on his moding rounds after the fahui.


Shown below: Thubten Ksiti making rounds and much liked by fellow students.
However, in the fore-front, the abbott of Taiwan temple is doing rounds with SZ’s pouch like VM Lian Ning, letting all touch SZ’s pouch!
When will people realized that as long as you chant Guru mantra with sincerity and dedicating to all, you get more than enough blessing for self as well as for all?

This act of letting all have a go at SZ’s personal belonging is actually a grave disrespect for One’s Root Guru!

See SZ compassionately giving to all, and these people goes round encouraging attachment to Forms!!!

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