Lotuschef in the Final Countdown – Lawyers & Judges

   Picture above: Drawn by Lotus Yew Chung, from his aura reading of Lotuschef in 2010. Picture shown: Drawn by Lotus Yew Chung in 2011, from Lotuschef’s narration of the golden blonde hair Little Lotuschef’s visit to a Heavenly World.   The following are books written by Lotuschef’s Root Guru, Padmakumara, The Living Buddha Lian […]

Lotuschef in Chat – Core & Tok Chef Made Lotuschef Famous!

The photos above were taken in Houston, at the private residence of Lotuschef’s sister, and last one, in RA sushi restaurant in downtown Houston. LC: sad to say that he will only be angry and fester hate, instead of grabbing the life line thrown his way CN: most often this kind of timing is what […]

Lotuschef in Paying Karmic Debts

CK: Fashi, mum is not vomiting today. Getting better. You better rest and don’t rush to do bardo karmic. Take care.  Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom. LC: Ok. The other assignment pretty headache CK: 加油哦!!!  Let me know where I can of help. LC : I change phone. Loss Ey ‘ s mobile number. Can […]

Effective Bardo – Sightings 目睹显灵

Dear fashi, my brother’s wife with “3rd eye” told my brother that she saw GM emitting light to my mum. She said my mum was wearing 法衣和念珠。[ceremonial yellow robe & chanting beads.] My mum followed GM to 摩诃双莲池。[Maha Twin Lotus Pond.] She is in Penang not attending the wake due to certain reason. So she […]

Lotuschef on Sincere Offering 诚恳的献供

    The above photos shown – Lotuschef assisted in sending offering upwards to SZ and all Divinities. Followed by drawing blessing for all attendees of the event. Shown below, attendees doing their own offering without Lotuschef’s assistance.   To better manage the fire, and for safety reasons, attendees were instructed to put their offering […]

Lotuschef in Chat – Using 4 Noble Truths 用四圣谛

Dear YY Please practice what I shared with you. This is a process which comes from the 4 Noble Truths that I have posted on blogs many times. 1. absorb information 2. analyse these information 3. derive at what you are going to do with these information 4. most often, you don’t need even to […]

Effective Bardo [6]