Lotuschef on Astral Transformation = Astral Power 神变~神通

This student is doing Purification of Offering and at the same time “Giving Cleansing & Purifying Bath” to all attendees!
This attendee is an inmate of a nearby handicap home, my brother sponsors.


The above shows sincerity in offering and sharing with all around us.

The TRICK is to include all beings in performing the offering to SZ and Divinities! :)

Astral Power actually resulted from your ability to TRANSFORM with GOOD VISUALIZATION AND QI MOBILIZATION TECHNIQUES!
Quoting from article: 18-3-2011 大救难咒 Great Disaster/Calamity Saving Mantra

[— Anything you can think of that may help, your Boddhicitta with GM’s & all will make things work.

I believe this is what GM said during Kalachakra Event in Sydney – 任运 situational responsive action.Try it or use your own, whatever your compassionate & caring heart can think of, can be used.



Quoting from article: [25-06-2012] Lotuschef in Conversation – Transformation 变化/转化

[— I studied these words when I wrote lyrics to a song as a gift to Guru.

铭记佛理,用其 转化 传奇,方可实践度众诺言。—]


Quoting from article: Lotuschef in Chat – Casket Seal Dharani Visualization

[— For the Casket seal one, if you are doing it to help yourself, have all the Buddhas facing you , who is sitting in the centre, and all of them in circles surrounding you and forming an inverted-cone around you. So you are not visible to anyone…and you are getting their blessing at the same time.In support of GM, face all buddhas outwards n Guru is till within the inverted-cone, well shielded from external forces. That’s all!
The inverted cone can be a dazzling light one, radiating lots of light outwards to bless all at the same time.

See? One can do protection and also compassionate sharing at the same time.Isn’t Tantrayana amazingly Immeasurable and varied?


Dear all,

Have you picked up the difference between Astral Power and the ability to DERIVE these powers?:) Yes! Diligent Cultivation and strictly adhering to your Root Guru’s teacings & instructions!

The other importance factors are Renunciation & Boddhicitta!


For those that took refuge with Grand Master Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, count yourself fortunate that he will share everything he knows with you and guide you to Nirvana!
Recently some students questioned why I didn’t teach them the Mansjuri Boddhisattva’s Bardo Delivery Mantra all these while.

:) Diligence means you have to go do research and find out what to do and what Guru has taught.
Quoting from article: 24-3-2011 Spiritual Realm – Q&A Tainted Food 残食

[— 2. I have always wanted to know/learn how to chant/offer/purify my food. Very happy to see this article. Just to confirm whether the steps are correct :
a) Chant Om Ah Hum once (don’t need to add the words ‘So Ha’?), then offer to GM and Divinities first. What must I visualize when I do this?
Answer: “Om Ah Hum” – visualize universal light beams down on all foods – purifying them.
Then chant Mansjuri Boddhisattva’s deliverance mantra “OM AH BEI LA HUM KAN CHA LA SOHA”X7.
Visualise animals like chicken, cow, pig, bacteria, insects, etc sitting on lotuses which transform into golden dots & eventually forming a golden river of lights, moving upwards to pureland.


[— Deliver all beings even if you only having chicken for that meal.
Helping others get delivered is Bodhicitta. Don’t cost you a thing. Haha!GM’s long mantra has the deliverance effect too, or you can teach those that did not take refuge to chant amituofo X7 also can.

The aim is to have a care for those beings that gave their lives to nourish your body to keep it fit & healthy for cultivation. —]

In Tantrayana, an aspiring to be Yogi should do research to self-enhanced in order to cultivate well armed with good fundamental and ability to analyse and execute.
Cheers all.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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