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Image: Varada Mudra © Sakis Papadopoulos / Getty Images

VARADA – Compassion, Sincerity & Wish Granting the energy of compassion, liberation and an offering of acceptance.

[— AA: Fashi, GG said he will no longer support me in Cultivation activities because I am cultivating with you. —]

Dear all, this “Support” means GG won’t loan the Fire Puja frame like the one you see in the above picture to AA for Pure Karma Event! :)

The above is what Pure Karma uses every week for Fire Puja.


This one above is sponsored by some students in Malaysia and Pure Karma uses this one for Fire Puja in Malaysia. We have 3 sets of this! :)


This one above, Pure Karma’s team fabricated in Jakarta!


Dear all, Always bear in Mind that SZ & All Divinities will PROVIDE when you are TRULY Propagating Authentic Buddha Dharma for the Benefit of ALL Sentient Beings!!!

To GG & all with like Mindsets, Sad to say that YOU ALL have not been Truly Listening to Your Very Own, One & Only Root Guru!!!

Guru said: Cultivation Depends Solely On the Individual’s Diligent Efforts & No one else!!!

Means Guru can guide you and teach you the methods & give you the key-pointers to proceed.
If you can’t even comprehend the very Basics, then you can’t move up the rung of the 9 Yanas! 

Yes! Simple facts that most either ignored or ignorant of!

Before you say you give your “Support”, THINK: Are you in any position to give any?

GG? :)
I met him once!
After cultivation session, he hung around behind HH, who was asking for more in-depth information regarding cultivation.
I can see that he also has plenty to ask, but held back.
This is the type that Fear lost of Ego and Self Perceived Status in Cultivation Ladder if they ask questions!!!

He finally asked when I am alone and my team are busy preparing for Fire Puja!
However, he came armed with a Fire Puja Sadhana and asked me do I know that I have to do this and that during Fire Puja Cultivation?

I told him, I never heard of or sighted the book he is holding out!

Question: Through these years with SZ & his teachings, how many students irregardless of “status” TRULY Comprehend what SZ has been teaching?

Question: Cultivation in Tantrayana DO NOT ADHERE to ANY Sentient Perceived FORMS or Methods, do you know that? :)

I wrote articles on Tantrayana being Immeasurable; Simple; …..

Let me share an important Tip with you all: 
If you have Question/Questions to Ask of anyone, then you still have a Long Long Way to Go, to be able to truly listen & comprehend to what Guru has been teaching you & is still teaching you!

For Yana 1, if you think to suppress anyone and force them to follow your ways in Cultivation or other matters, you created suffering to others, which failed you in crossing Yana 1!

Now, Who Supports Who? Hahaha! 

A point of interest: The Statue of SZ in AA’s altar transformed and adopted AA’s aura!
Means: he has been diligent in cultivating the sincere & proper way!!! :)

O! most of statues of SZ in Pure Karma’s team members’ residences have taken on the Auras of the True Yogi in the respective residences of members! :)

Think I am kidding?
Believe or Not Up to You!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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