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Terjemahan Indonesia: Kembali Membahas Qigong
Image: Qigong poses © Northwest Fighting Arts
Qigong poses © Northwest Fighting Arts
Someone started a chat with me yesterday about Believing much in the effects of Qigong practices.
The chat veered to Fa Lun Gong 法轮宫, sector labelled by PRC’s government as Cult & prohibits all its activities in their sovereign territories.
Many that learned Qigong practice from this group benefited health wise.
However, those that got caught along the flow of their leader’s political aspirations were “burnt”!
Basically, all that practice a regular form of exercises will stay healthy and youthful.
Tantric cultivation is also another channel whereby one can stay healthy & youthful and best of all, one can grasps one’s own destiny in one’s hands!
Religion & Politics should not be Mixed!
See how Dalai Lama fared when he started & continued to be involve in Political Struggle to “take back” HIS monastery?
[The main thing is, Is there a (His Monastery to take back?)]
See how many Self-immolated themselves to Death, for this political struggle, created by Sentient Minded people in some form of authority?
Did Buddha teach them to do so?
Now look at those that claimed they can do this & that, 
do they have rosy cheeks?
do their eyes sparkle with shining brightness?
do you like to be in their proximity?
Why do I always advise all to Listen Only to One’s Own Root Guru?
SZ said even if you are the Reincarnation of Divinities, YOU NEED TO Cultivate to LINK UP from “Where you left off” ! 
To all dear readers of this blog:-
Have you picked up enough to have a mind of your own with regards to Cultivation?
Do you still swallow or gobble up anything fed to you by someone that is singing an opposing tune to that of your Root Guru?
Qi Mobilization is as per SZ, One’s All! 
A most important factor determining our Very well-being.
It is good to practice Qigong, BUT please stay away from lunatics who rouse you to their political power cravings and quoting SZ’s words, “Wants to be Big Brother”! [要做大佬]
The Defamation of SZ Saga started from “Perception of Imbalance POWER Distribution” .
Everyone wants to be Big Brother!!!
Everyone wants to Dictate to others!!!
Everyone wants Adulation & Wealth Offering form others!!!
Greed, Aversion, Ignorance? The 3 Poisons in Buddha Dharma, the very basic fundamentals that all aspiring Buddhas-to-be need to know and Transform/Overcome.
Question: Would the Government in Power clamp down on a group of sincere Qigong practitioners that just want to exercise to improve their health?
Please Steer clear of those that force their Political Views on to you or ramp them down your throats!
Cheers all.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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