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Pure Karma has new designs of Incense Paper & they will debut at our Medan Event on 7 December 2013, about one month after their conception.
We were chatting about how Core administrators stipulated that all incense papers must be approved by them before printing.
Then I laughingly said, as long as we go get SZ’s blessing, then everything is Legitimate already!
Once we sent for printing, our fellow student that designed these new designs had the following dream.
This happened about 2 weeks ago.
This is our designer’s narration of his dream:- 

So in this dream GM was sitting in the throne in some temple and you were standing in front of GM and told me to go fetch some new joss papers for GM to bless.
He put his hand on the joss papers and then got up from the chair. I walked behind him.

I saw people have already lined up for moding session, however when a person came near GM, GM just moved to another position like refusing to give him the moding.
People were running after him and he kept on moving to various locations to avoid them.
I followed behind him and I realised he was wearing my deep blue skirt.
I then asked: GM, where do you want to go now?
He was smiling to me and vanished into the flowing river.

So he blessed the new joss paper lei, there is no need to go ask him to sign the paper physically.

Another interesting dream was on this friday, GM came and sat with me.

He asked: In studying Buddhism, what have you learned?
I answered him with this and that concepts and he still asked: What’s more?
Then suddenly I remembered the part from the Masters of Mahamudra book I’m currently reading:
“Visualise your body as the heavens
And your thoughts as stars in the sky.”

And he smiled afterwards.

That quote did stick into my brain for some time and really on Saturday sermon, GM explained the pith instruction section of Dzogchen and I found great similarity with the aforesaid quote. 
Mainly regarding focusing and letting go.
Wah GM’s really something lei!
Dear all, SZ knows everything and also knows best!
How do ONE gets pass all those “bodyguards” by SZ’s side & get new designs of Incense paper bless?
Seems like Mission Impossible!
However, in Tantrayana & with an Authentic Living Buddha as One’s Root Guru, Everything is Possible!!!
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


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