Ancestor & Taisui Offering 供养祖先 & 太岁

净业于2013 年 12 月, 有两场供养祖先和送2013太岁星君与迎接2014太岁星君的活动。



供养祖先 -给予他们资粮过新年。每姓氏 新币20元。

送2013太岁 -感恩这一年的庇护。每人每份新币12元。

迎接2014太岁 – 祈求来年的庇护。每人每份新币12元。


请到 报名或查问详情。

In 2013 December, Pure Karma will have 2 session of Ancestor offering and Thanking 2013 and Welcoming 2014 Taisui, Duty Magistrates.

7th December – Medan, Indonesia

28th December – Singapore

Ancestor Offering – Providing our ancestors with resources for the coming festive New Year. Each Surname S$20/-

Thank 2013 Taisui for this whole year of Protection. Each individual one set at S$12/-

Welcoming 2014 Taisui to give Protection & Blessing for the coming year. Each individual one set at S$12/-

2014 Taisui Protection & Blessing Talisman – Each individual one set at S$18/-

Please register with or for more information.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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