Lotuschef on Motive of Constant Intent to Gain Access? – Imitation Speakers!

The following seems to reveal the reason why, my ex, DC, still want to have free access to the matrimonial flat all these 8 years!

Thanks to this fellow student, I remember these imitation speakers that he so wanted to seize and destroy, and then sue me for defaming him or alleging he deals illegally with imitation speakers!
Would you try your all to prevent him from gaining free access?
His dictates were I have to give his housing agent a set of keys to the house and be on duty from 9am to 9pm for 7 days a week!
Also forbids me to talk to  his agent and the clients he brings to view the house!
Wow! Thanks!
{His lawyers told the Summons court that the previous court approved that he offsets estate maintenance from sale proceeds of the house – which is not true as the Judge said that he has to continue to pay all outgoing till the house is sold!

Also in this session, his lawyers copied all that were in their summons application into a document that they sent to me, as Court Orders.
However, the one about signing over Insurance policies that were in my name and he as insured and many others – to this the court said no ruling.

So I wrote to the Court and also the PMO bringing up this falsehood.
The Court scheduled a session or something to clarify the lies.
I don’t know what happened after that!

Lotuschef Lama 释莲廚, A Student of Living Buddha Lian-Sheng.: Who Committed Perjury? – Altering…


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