Doing Repentance for Choosing a Presidential Candidate

Terjemahan Indonesia: Bertobat karena Memilih Kandidat Presiden

2011, I was in Seattle for the Autumn event.

After checking in, I took a bath and start up my laptop.

I chanced upon Election News posted by a fellow student, in Facebook.
He told me that polling is over and votes counting in progress.

I went to “check-out” the candidates from the link of this student.

Looking at the 4 of them, I noticed that TT has a shine or light.
[Yes! I am Mad! – A shine or light from a Still or photo!!!]

I said TT is the best amongst the 4 and he will likely be the successful one for Presidency!

Well, the student informed me the next day that I am accurate and TT is the chosen President!

However, that “Choosing” or “Selecting”, more from “nothing better to do” cost me dear!

I did repentance and vowed not to get involve in matters of like nature hence!

Means I am not to even look at the candidates in future and mentally pick One for that campaign!

SZ said that we do not get involve in politics.
Ordination means best away from any Sentient battles too!

We are to help others leaving suffering behind and cannot interfere with Karma and its paths!

Doing Repentance means MUST NOT REPEAT!

So far so good, didn’t encounter like situations. :)

Only look at physical health of others and help them if I can.
Anything else? Can’t see!!!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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