Body Speech & Mind – Acting As God? 充当上帝?


AA: this guy really thinks he understood what he is reading!

[FH: In my humble opinion, although Shi Zun said so, but He is the “Guru”. 
We are His Holiness disciple, it is our obligation defending our Lineage, our Mulacarya’s honour. We should not defy our Samaya vow’s by simply saying “because Guru don’t fight back, will waste money etc”, that is not the main point. 
We have read Shi Zun earlier books, how His Holiness pay honour to Milarepa, Tsongkhapa, refuting those malicious rumors. 
If, our Root Guru Himself demonstrate this action, why we as His Holiness disciple longing, thus acting pointless ignorant attitude?]this paragraph of his is really not presenting his “Intelligence” at all.
He is not getting his meaning across, especially towards the end!

He also attempted to push his Views as the one and only truth!

He supports Core in fighting legal battles to silence opponents!
Guru asked: Is there opponent for a Buddha?

Rumors & Lies? NO!
Hehe! He went to quote a whole article too from Guru’s speech!!!

BB: This FH doesn’t know how to debate.
In the monastery, the culture of debate uses logic and the loser will accept the point of view of the winner and practise with the newly gained knowledge.
I just read about the culture of debate today, what a coincidence.But to end with “i feel sorry” or “this is disheartening” must be from “uneducated” ones lol.

So our dear FH doesn’t understand how to distinguish “debate” from “forcing a self-perceived truth to others”. He can be a total laughing stock in the eyes of the intellectual readers.

I pray to His Holiness that may the Light be bestowed upon you as well, brother FH :)

CC: lol, he talked rubbish. Wisely said better than him. maybe FH cultivate to yoga with TBF ha7..
DD: Reading his first comment, I wanted to delete them so that people don’t laugh at him!
Sometimes have to feed Bitter Medicine to Treat these Lost souls! 苦口良药!
EE: Actually, his humble opinion is fake as he shows utmost arrogance and look down condescendingly at Wise.
PKV: Let us say that he has opposite view from Wise.
He thinks that Guru needs protection from Effects of Rumors & Lies spread.
Like Core, he is still at the Sentient Mindset station.
Therefore his outlook is still Sentient Perception and His attempts at Measuring a Buddha with this Mindset resulted in his being unable to bring across his point Precisely.
Guru said Break Free or Liberate Self in recent speeches. :)
Acting against Guru’s teachings or singing an opposing tune to that of One’s Guru; all these are what breaching Samaya between Guru and Student are about.
FH didn’t present these clearly, and his efforts at quoting or citing past masters didn’t advance his point at all!
Dear all, let us not play [Follow the leaders] without using Wisdom of Discernment, please.
Like Guru said: For easy explanation purposes, past Gurus categorized certain methods or ideology.
However, what is of Utmost Importance is to remember that there is something call [Situational Responsive Action] 任运.
Take Milarepa for example: At what point in his cultivation that he was involved or starred in Rumors?
Also how many times have Guru stressed that Rumors & Lies don’t affect him at all?
Remember also Guru said that one of his Guru, Thubten Da-er-qi, talks bad about Guru to help him clear away “bad” students?

Wise: I remember SZ said that he vow not to take legal action, but if disciple decide want to take the court then it’s their choice. I personally see this as a warning from Guru.

In the above, Wise is right again!
Choice is what Guru gives all.
To do or not to do! :)
If you picked up this angle of view, you would never do anything that Guru said he won’t ever do!
A True or Authentic Buddha will never give Life/Birth to any matter and then witness or deal with its Death/Destruction. Middle path concept of No Birth & No Death! 中观-不生不灭!
Sad to get entangled by Sentient Mindset of Expected Forms and Returns too!
It is perfectly OK to have difference of opinions, but should not think one has the Superior Answer.
:) No Absolute and No Constant!
Must not act against Nature or Disrupt Nature or Its Course too!
Cheers All
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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