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Hi Fashi,

In my opinion, it is still possible to market a property without having to physically view the unit.

We can market the property by showing the floor plan and site plan. Just like how those

new condo projects are being sold during the initial launch.

For your property, it is easier compare to new launches because buyers can take a look

at the physical ready project. They can visit the site, take a look at the facilities etc. As for the

unit layout, agent can show buyers the floor plan if viewing is not possible/available.

Can let the buyers know the unit is original condition and will need a full renovation. Based on

the above available information/condition, we will then negotiable for a mutual agreeable price.


Dear all,
I was accused of not cooperating with the appointed estate agent in the marketing of property in question, in division of matrimonial assets.
However, the other party took out a Court Summon to have sole charge of marketing this property, 2 years ago!
Yet another summon was taken out and this time, I am accused of not cooperating with the marketing and should be forcefully evicted from this property immediately!
Isn’t matter very confusing?
First summon, the sole marketing rights given to DD.
Second summon, DD failed to market the property and turn around and blame me!
As per DD, he won his second summon, and my kids and me will be thrown out of this property as his whim takes him to do so.
Once again, like previous rounds, there is no evidence of Court Orders, but photocopies of some documents sent by DD’s lawyers.
Seems the lawyers just type in whatever they like and claimed that these are all orders of the Court!
DD also sent emails to my kids threatening that he will do this and that if they don’t obey his orders too.
Question: DD’s dictates is as good as the Court orders?
Question: Like all bullies, do you agree that DD is covering his failures with Vengeful Aggression?
Question: Do you agree that the agent concern is not experience and lack creativity to devise Alternative method to complete his assignment?
Yelling and shouting at One’s opponents or perceived to be opponents, attempting to show aggression and threatening them with severe penalties, ….. all these are characteristics of Bullies, agree?
O! Bullies also never make mistakes or admit to making any mistakes too!
Dear all, can  you use your knowledge of 4 Noble Truths and the 3 Poisons to figure out which of the above has been employed.
Can you comprehend the characters depicted and their corresponding wholesome or unwholesome actions?
Hahaha! Story time over, time to use your wisdom and have fun.
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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