Lotuschef in Chat – Using Black Magic to Harm One’s Own Root Guru

Lotuschef in Chat – Using Black Magic to Harm One’s Own Root Guru

莲厨聊天 – 用降头,伤害自己的根本传承上师


Lotuschef in Chat – Using Black Magic to Harm One’s Own Root Guru



完全失去聲音 文/聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥

Completely Lost Voice by Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Lu Sheng Yan


Summary Translated by Lama Lotuschef

[Guru attempts to talk but don’t have sound.

This Vajra signals to Guru not to open his mouth, then stretch out one hand and lead Guru to take flight.


Arriving at a place, entering a dwelling, Guru saw a Priest in the process of a ritual:

  1. He made a straw puppet
  2. The mouth of the straw puppet is stuff full of incense ashes
  3. The altar in his house has offering to many Thailand small tongzi (ghostly fetus spirit)
  4. He lighted incense, calling out Guru’s name and bio-data
  5. He chanted:
    天靈靈。Sky be effective
    地靈靈。Earth be effective
    塞我口。Block my mouth
    音失靈。Voice lost effectiveness
  6. He killed a hen, dips blood over Guru’s head, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, also use the blood for offering to the Thailand ghostly fetus spirit.


Guru finally realized, bad already! It’s the Black Magic master casting a spell on Guru, preventing Guru from ascending the Dharma Throne to expound Dharma.]


Let us try to think, Guru would like to tell us what message/messages through this article?


Think: What is the motive and purpose of harming Guru [so as to Prevent Guru from ascending the Dharma Throne to expound Dharma] !


These ways are Beneficial to WHO?



Humbly advise this one that is Without Goodness; With Mean, Cruel Mindset to Harm without any consideration, disrespectful to Guru; a Lacking Brightness or Ignorant, stupid sentient being, do you know that Guru is a True Buddha?


He knows all!

He even VISITED the Location where these Evil practices are perpetuated!


Still remember Guru said previously that someone in Malaysia hired a Maoshan master, with few Ten Thousands of Dollars, and the purpose or motive is to PREVENT GURU FROM ASCENDING DHARMA THRONE!



Question: Who has Guru’s bio-data?

Question: Who has material that represents Guru’s Vital Essence?

Question: Who is in such an impatient hurry to [Chase] Guru away, in order to replace Guru?

Humbly advise this non-filial student, Buddha can what you can not!

The one that HARMS others’ Wisdom Lives is very obviously YOU!


Have a Look at how you use your [No Name/Anonymous]; [Fake Name]; [No Brightness/Ignorance], to write statements!

Truly bad!

Without a trace of [Buddha’s wisdom]!


Guru taught us Mahamudra through this article!

[Upon hearing these, Guru comprehended.

Normally this 4 big disintegrating method, he does nightly before sleep.

Returning Big Earth into Big Water; Big Water into Big Fire, Big Fire into Big Wind, Big wind into Big Void, Big Void stays in Brightness. This is (眠光法)Brightness sleep method.]

Thanks to this [Poisonous Worm], Guru taught us yet another method to [USE] what he has shared and taught!



Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Lama Lotuschef


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