Lotuschef at Work – 【用】 Sharing Dharma 1

Terjemahan Indonesia : Lotuschef Menjalankan Tugas – [用] Berbagi Dharma 1

This one is my assignment for this trip!

Student AA was sitting next to me at a big round table at Taiwan Temple.
We are not acquainted before this, although I have a feeling I have seen her before. :)

I said to her: Why so troubled?
AA replied: In my course of work, many are dissatisfied with me and too much politics that kept me busy and distracted. I can’t work properly.

I shared with her how to visualize Guru, and start chanting mantra silently, sharing Guru’s blessing with all around her.

As to all the politics? Hahaha!

The Diamond Sutra is good to void all, as per Guru.

There is No Form, No Constant, …which one can employs to void all frivolous; nonsensical; unreasonable; vicious; … negatives churning deeds from others.

In other words, leave these people behind and concentrate on sharing blessing with them, no matter who they are.

Buddha do not succor those without Affinity too!

We leave those that have no affinity yet alone and wait for their affinity with Buddha to mature and then  one of the True Yogi or Buddhas will surface to succor them.

Do not go against the Law of Nature!

There are ways to help each and everyone, so do not rush into anything and get entangled!

Cheers All

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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