Surgery & Blessings

LC: Hi dear

want to join us in Medan or Jkt in June?

AA: Hai Fashi!
Woww I love to!E stimate will be held in Jkt on what date ya?
Bcoz i’m planning to take surgery maybe on May.

Actually was my mom keep pushing me to take the surgery.
She scared if the fibroid staying too long in my body,it will change to malignant …
How to do lei?She wants to see grandkids +___+
hug & warm regards ^___^

LC: Ask Guru lol.
Did you read the one I talked about Chanting Jin mu mantra n visualize she uses the Buddha Duster to hit you 3 times with white light to cleanse you.
then you visualize she insert her hand into your abdomen to draw the lump out and throw away.
repeat this at least 21 times, while chanting mantra.
meantime, do charity and you can chant gaowang sutra n dedicate to all sentient beings!

chant as much to dedicate as possible!
Remember to invoke Guru’s presence first and tell Guru your problem, then chant mantra 108 times at least!


Hi Fashi,
Yesterday i’ve admitted to Shizun (and to you now, dear fashi) that i have yet focus on healing visualization. I only did the visualization before bedtime, just 21x each Jinmu & Shizun mantra. But doing the four preliminary regularly (the visualization from grabbing into abdomen, always turns to Jinmu holding a large 布袋 then many insects mainly snakes+spiders pull out from my stomach into that Jinmu’s 布袋)

Too much excuse ( electricity blackout, tired etc).
Yeah each time i also realized that is the karmic hidrances.
I fought it several times indeed.
But i will keep on fighting!
warm regards
Dear all,
Today, someone told me that her peers are mostly suffering from various medical condition.
Seeking professional and relevant medical treatment is a Priority!
However, you can seek blessing for a smooth; safer and lesser suffering companion too!
We are doing regular Fire Offering, almost every Saturday.
You can dedicate a lotus offering to yourself – for good health or smooth life
Also dedicate One to your Karmic Negatives – wishing them well too.
Then you can also sponsor the medicinal herbs and etc that we offer too.
You can actively help yourself and ease your own suffering and also get blessing for your health to improve swiftly with the best medical treatment as well.
Cheers all.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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