Lotuschef in Buddha Dharma to the Rescue!

LC: lucky for us, we have Dharma flavor n not “sour grapes” kind lol!

imagine all those that just read the stuff at face value n die die swallowed everything fed?
Wa. sey, how many they misled n all for a sense of deluded power n control over others?
shiok to play them?
although Guru will sign anything, also cant be too over lol
actually only you understand me enough liao!

AA: It’s because you were boss and smart lol.
I mean your analytical power is very obviously above others;
very well armed with dharma and has no agenda either.
Literally unbeatable.

LC: We are all equal.
No boss la!
You were quick n accurate too!
Didn’t need to explain in detail to you lol
Sama Sama la! :)

When u don’t need anything, then u have learnt (Let Go)! 

In fact today when I was grocery shopping with M3, I told him that I loved my current status.
I can go anywhere unlike Guru.
I still have freedom bcos not many ppl know me or know of me!
VMs in Tbs thinks they have a certain standard to keep n act a part.
They need to reconcile their outlook n understand the titles should not strangulated them!

Just wrote part 3.

AA: Last night i watched a part of movie in laptop, they say “perception is everything” therefore people have image(s) to maintain in public.
It feels like roleplaying and wearing a mask in the public, how tiring.
You’re right in “no need of anything” to be free.

Your part 3 mostly speaks of the first truth, that’s why many people don’t understand and hit back at you Lol.

One says “must protect guru and tbs”, I says that tbs is just a circle made for formal labelling and gathering. 

Being the internet police and disseminate the truth to the newbies so that they won’t leave tbs — what can we do? 
Actually the answer has been clearly given by guru: to achieve yoga with Guru and therefore shall have steadfast and unperturbed heart.
You see, if after all tbs seniors have been telling the truths to the newbies, the final decision is on them (the newbies) totally. 
We cannot feed and force them to stay in tbs. 
Really, it’s all about karma and cultivation.

Can take me as a living example from believing then doubting a bit, but after several years of cultivation and pondering, the conviction is getting stronger. 

With so many information going on in the internet and other media, I chose whatever is beneficial and left the garbage alone. 
I still believe that cultivation is between the cultivator and the guru.

So far, learning spiritualism does require some level of wisdom to really “see” the essence, otherwise it’s like making an affinity with it. There’s no problem either, only a matter of timing.

Dear all, its all about Self Cultivation, agree? 
You have the choice also to listen and adopt or not. 
When I first read the article alleged to be Guru’s statements, I am shocked that some will go to that extent for their own secret agendas.
Hahaha! I spoke to Guru and then happily Classifying it as “garbage”, put it out of my mind.
However, if left unattended to, many will be led astrayed by whatever these group of people Feels like churning out in future! 
Well? Buddha Dharma to the Rescue! 
Hahaha! Guru said must cultivate diligently and they alleged that Guru said “If you have no time to cultivate, you can get Guru’s merits, if you single-heartedly care for Guru’s comforts”.
They also alleged that these care-givers’ merits superseded those that abide disciplines and cultivate well. 
As per Guru, when you can yoga with him or any yidams thereafter, you have the Complete Disposition or Characteristic of Guru or Yidams you Yoga with. 
Will you still think of merits and if you Not Confident that you can get any, then get from Guru? 
When you are Guru or any yidam, You will be Giving Non-Stop to all sentient beings! 
I remember back in 2010 August, when Guru visits Macau. 
A student passed me a red-packet and asked me to help to give to Guru, a day before Guru leaves for Macau.
I remembered it after the thanks-giving dinner and Guru is leaving the restaurant! :)
So I quickly went forward and kneel to present the offering to Guru.
Guru said: Yours, I don’t want! 
I replied: It’s not mine but fellow student’s.
Guru accepted the offering then.
Guru knows that I have been doing offering to him by sponsoring or donating to charity in his name all the time. He prefers I channel resources that way. :)
Dear all, please remember that we have a living buddha for a Root Guru! :) 
Cheers all and please cultivate as per Guru’s instructions only.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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