Seeing Shizun in You

[Dearest Fashi,
I am AA who is a bit silly, remember?
I hv been practicing Vajrasatva sadhana since u represent Secun to teach us detailed ones at ZZ. Really happy to hv a mentor around.
And at d same time , a kalyanamitra.]

In Medan, many students said I look like Shizun!I have advised those that attempted to kneel in front of me to give me offering respectfully, to do so only if they can see Shizun in me! :)
I stated that we are all students of Shizun and therefore, on same level!

In end 2009, someone handed a booklet of the Rules and Regulations of TBS, supposedly Shizun’s approved statements.
Why Supposedly? :) :) :)

What is written within, is truly very sentient or at times base [beastly mindset].
It is a very “pro-power”; “pro-control”; “pro-self interest”; document.

Now the contents:-
It details what each grade of dharma propagators can do.
Seems only the VMs can do everything! Hahaha!

Take for example, formation of series of hand mudra during Bardo events are only permitted for VMs only. Only VMs can do big event or so call “fahui” 法会 and the rest “tong-xiu” 同修会.
Question: In Tantrayana, when One yogas with Shizun, Who is this One?
Shizun, correct?
Does Shizun not supersede all in TBS? :)

I discovered that in Indonesia, only VMs are hosting Fire puja events and unheard of for Fashi to do so.
In Singapore, the 2 blue collars, jiang shi, or dharma speakers, do the formation of hand mudras  every weekend when they have fire homas. This has been going on for years too! :) They have a few senior VMs backing them though.

What is the Big Deal here?
MONOPOLY! a very base and sentient term of One that is very Pro-Self!

Well there is another interesting one too.
It states all students can only be ordain after 2 years of refuge.
However, Shizun approved my ordination when I have only 1 year of refuge.

Time is not the essence as to a person’s suitability for ordination.
Time is also not relevant in determining Depth of Cultivation.

A Sentient Title is just a label for one to perform Sentient Duties only.
However, a true yogi, do not need such titles to justify anything, as there is no need for Sentient recognition; adulation; admiration; obedience; … required.

A True Yogi is one that has already Yoga with Root Guru and can do so with any chosen Yidam too!

Kneeling is a show of respect and humility and acceptable only for one’s root guru.
I do not kneel for others, so also do not advocate others to kneel to me. :)

O! When you next see Shizun in me, please remember, No personal matter consultation!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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