Guru's statements? True/False? :)

Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 6:22 PM

AA: People are smacking with samaya precepts?
Yesterday I saw the Bahasa translation regarding Samaya being published.
It’s guru giving the sermon on 22 Sept 2012 after having lunch in Seattle temple.
Perhaps you’ve read the chinese version.
The main point if I should conclude from the sermon would be “forgetting your guru”. My chinese is very limited so I don’t get in touch with this YC saga.
At a glance, this is the test of abandoning dualism of two extremes.
If those people don’t have any idea about dualism in the first place, no matter what we’re trying to play with or say to them, it would be quite futile.
And it is sorry to say that they are no different than the other religion who knows only good sides and bad sides. How dangerous it is.

LC: i didn’t listen to that one.
give me a link maybe
i can go read transcript though

I know enough of Samaya to stay firm. therefore ZZ – throwing the 50 disciplines n samaya at me is real stupid!
He is chasing power n has the face of a pig last year I saw him…
therefore he really in no position to slam those on anyone, what more obedient little 4 year old like me…. Hehe

So I analyse both sides n think I am right in classifying them as mobsters?
The were incited n became excited n lost their cool n just follow the leaders like sheep following the lead hound….

sad! but at least they know I am not talking rubbish when I advise students not to enter into both sides….

AA: Oh here it is the chinese one:

Wuah ZZ, the one with scary smile.

LC: It seems SHC’s case, her lawyer withdrew the case.
Why did YC go & interview her & reopen the case?
I didn’t bother to go that deep.
Whatever they are doing, they have not consider what’s next after all these!
Loosing their accumen n rashly splash sensational lies across the web, who will end up more damaged? 
I think the shijie that scolded me also opened up a site for SHC. Anyway her husband and dad came to apologize. seems dad is in political arena, among rich n powerful!

BB: They must know how precepts originated. SZ ever wrote about that. + they should understand “alone in the moon” concept lol

LC: Well, there is no video on guru’s speech to be found. This is a write up.

[** The Following is a rough translation only. Please translate from the original & make your own deduction , using your knowledge of Buddha Dharma & what Guru has shared. :) ]

1. Cannot talk more than 3 words with those that betrayed GM!
[So I die liao lol!!! Hahaha! They said so as not to be affected!!!]

2. Give copies of disciplines to all new students
3.Cannot touch Guru & his possession like cloths or bed and can’t assess Guru’s cultivation level
4.about tibetan king tesheng who betrayed padmasambahva n how his ring activated the red bull spirit to reincarnate as grandson n eliminated buddhism
5. in  ancient times, when guru did not instruct student to read a book, reading the book becomes breach of disciplines n must do repentance. our guru is more liberal
6.about how atisha & serlingpa study each other before accepting each other. therefore have to consider well before refuge as after refuge there is samaya vows.
7. those that care for guru are more meritorious than those that have cultivated well
8.breaching samaya will land one in vajra hell
9.always make sure Guru is upon one’s crown before giving dharma speeches, else the speech is null & void
10.those that think they have cultivated well n very intelligent, they are control by mara already.I had a glance that day n didn’t bother to read on as they are truly not from Guru….

Central n YY likes to use his powers to bluff people.
he is covering for his lack of cultivation too….


Base on all these, i can roast in hell lol???

I shared teachings n golden words from other rinpoches too! so I must be hang?
Buddha didnt make things this way lol
They said so as not to be affected!!!- so no one can cultivate to enlightenment?
without leaping the hindrances along the way, how do one learn n overcome? 
Reading the whole thing, u know this is not the words of Guru, or an enlightened one!
Power & Control!
Did I get influenced by YC or even the self proclaimed good guys?
hahaha! my article about guru putting the poisonous ones by his sides will rub them real raw n enough to kill me!

I am possess by the demon?
who cares…

Dear readers, how many times have you heard Guru said: those that cultivated well are just beside me, whereas those that are physically beside me and don’t cultivate well, are truly very far from me.

Guru’s statement nullified Statement 7 and 10 above, do you agree?
Guru said he reads copiously as a daily routine too! Will he stops his students from doing the same?
Does refuge in TBS means you get brainwashed and only fed whatever those “acting Guru” deem to put your way? Hahaha! hilarious!
This has similar veins to the Guru has copyrights issue on Buddha Dharma that he shares?
Finally, as there is no video recording of the suppose speech alleged to be Guru’s; it is up to Individual to make what you perceive of these statements.
Happy New Year
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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