The vengefulness of some Karmic Foes

On Wednesday evening, I went to pick up my car that was sent for air-con replacement.
While crossing the road, the sides of the road is higher than the grass porch and I scratched the top of my left foot.
Thinking nothing of it, I chant Guru’s mantra and continued on my way to the work-shop.

Early yester morning, I had a dream of a woman holding out a sling bag and the inner lining filled with maggots of all dark colors!

Early this morning, at about 2am. I started feeling cold and my abdomen very distended and uncomfortable. So I sat up and started to do 9-steps breathing.
The discomfort eased and I went to get some warm water and de-flatulent to counter the blotted abdomen of air.

I started having the urge to vomit & I started running back to my bathroom. However, I threw out upon stepping into my bedroom.
My sons came and started to get pails and cleaning cloths to help clear the mess.
However, the urge to vomit surfaced again and I went into a common washroom along the corridor.
The wash basin was choked by what I threw out.
I went to help my sons clean up and when I entered the common washroom with the soiled cloth, I fell more to my Left, hitting my left hip and left elbow.

Hehe! A vision of a student came to mind. I forgotten request for Karmic Negatives dedication for this evening’s Fire puja session!!!

Well! I did repentance and Guru helped me!

Been too busy with the Registration of Ancestors offering and almost missed out dedication to Karmic foes for this student! My fault!!! :)

The karmic foes of this student came to me several times already! They are truly very vengeful! Give a step and then come back 2 steps!!!
Guru also encouraged them to let go of all the Aversion and move on to Pureland. However, there are too many of them!!!

I am fine though!

Cheers all!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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