Guru on Switching Elemental Planes


11/17/2012 The Hevajra Practice by Grand-Master Lu – Taiwan Temple

In Guru’s speech today, he talks about blessing an old lady student, helping her to clear her karmic negatives.
This student has not been sleeping well for a long time.
Reason being she has a “snake spirit” attached to her, and stealing her “life essence” .
The signs are weak and listless; not being able to sleep well; generally lethargic.
After the blessing, this student slept well.
However, the “snake spirit” came for Guru that night.
It bites Guru’s little toe that extended out of the “lotus-bed”.
So Guru switch his surrounding and the lotus-bed floats on a pond of water.
Hahaha! Turns out this snake is a water snake and it came for Guru again.
Guru brought Fire into play and Fire also surrounds him.
Guru said that there is a sizzling sound and the snake spirit got burnt by the Fire to death.
In Tantrayana, a True Yogi like Guru, is able to switch or change or transform elements and elemental planes at ease to suit the environment or the situational needs.
Still back to cultivating and learning the Fundamentals though. :)
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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