Lotuschef at Play – Mafia Mafia!

Hi all, remember there is an article in Guru’s Sword of the Yogi about Mafia?

Seems these mentality is common in TBS, no wonder Guru wrote an article about Mafia! :)

Today we see a good example as follows:-

Nking Daden 請問您是住在芙蓉的師兄嗎?
那篇[莲厨谈心 – 離開真佛宗]不適合貼在您的臉書,以免您也被列入猴子名單.特此告知.

Translated in English: Nking Daden : Can I know whether you are the shixiong that resides in Seremban?
That article [Lotuschef in Chat [ Leave TBS] not suitable to post in your Facebook, to prevent being listed into the Monkey’s List. Specially inform you here.

These people are using some sort of Threat of Penalty if they do not obey?

There is no freedom to even read and read wisely and make One’s choice to cultivate True Buddha or Authentic Buddha Dharma?
These are the ones that brought shame and slander onto TBS and resulted in TBS being label as False Buddha School!!!

What more they have in their Mafia-Mind?

Publicly humiliate those that don’t obey them?
Chase them away from TBS?
Locate them and Harass them like the one said in the Monkey’s Forum?

Wake up please!

We are potential Buddhas, if you are not, then please don’t hinder others or mislead others to join in your Mob or Mafia organisation.

As I said, if you behave like ignorants, you are also subjects that I target to succor. Therefore please help me and yourself by not increasing my Home work.

Wow! Seems Big Brothers & Big Sisters intent is to lead younger siblings into their personal vendetta to wipe out all that disobey them and those they perceived as thorns in their flesh? Hehe!
Sentient Perceive or craved Revenge as the Ultimate and also subjugating others to enjoy control over them.
These are all Illusions or Mirages, and they are unreal.

Once again, Pure Karma is open 24/7 virtually and all are welcome. Please read blog/blogspot’s contents with an Open Mind & we are not answerable or liable if you misinterpret any material therein!

Use at your own risk & discretion too! For cultivation techniques, you are responsible for getting the relevant refuge and abhiseka for them yourself.

Please respect Buddha Dharma and also those that Truly Share Authentic ones!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom.

Lama Lotuschef

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