Lotuschef in Conversation – 孙子兵法Sunzi Art of War

These 3 are from 7 OCt 2012.

Dear all, Guru looks very tired and as if he aged overnight. It is very obvious when I saw him at the start of the event.
I silently asked: Shizun, why so tired?
Please compare the topmost photos with the 3 following it.

Well, someone went ahead to pay a certain priest/master to hurt Guru.
Guru said the intention was to prevent him from participating in cultivation sessions for Saturday & Sunday.
He revealed that arrows were shot at him, abide astrally, into his lower limbs to prevent him from walking and into his Tian Xin 天心 (centre of forehead), to knock him out.

In answer to YC personally, in Sunzi Art of War, One places one’s worse enemy/enemies closest to One, so that you can “study” them thoroughly, in order to achieve, Know Enemy Know Self, 100 Battles 100 Victories! 知自知彼,百战百胜!

As for the One that Hired this Evil shot at Guru, the Hired One & YOU, already lost your Heart to Mara & your destination is Timeless Hell!
Bon Voyage!!!

To all those that truly loves and respect Guru, please start to chant Guru’s mantra and Visualize you are Guru, and you  are surrounded by all Divinities in Gao Wang Sutra or Casket Seal Dharani.

I did that already with Usnisa Vijaya & Casket Seal Dharani, yesterday. Please strengthen the protective shield around Guru.

There is no need to worry as this morning, an Indo shijie asked help from Guru and he blessed her and smoothened her path for her as per her request.

To all, please remember that we USE GOOD TO COUNTER EVIL ONLY!

This Hit at Guru only put more of us on Alert to guard our dear Guru only. Good do results from Evil!

Do not put blame on the ones that Defamed Guru for this heinous act of hurting our Shizun. The culprit is within the self proclaimed Righteous camp.

Chant Guru Mantra, Gao Wang Sutra / Casket Seal Dharani please. As much as possible, don’t waste time with mobsters, no matter their claim of Good or Evil!

You can write to asklotuschef@gmail.com if you need more details on Visualization.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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