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CT: Do you remember when and where GM gave the empowerment for the Mahamudra practice?

LC: Hahaha! All the time!

You know Mahamudra is all embedded within the Basic 7 stages of our sadhana? Guru said when explaining Hevajra that Anu yoga, merge all actions into 4 preliminaries… like homage; mandala offering; refuge & etc.
So the very basics are also the ultimate! If you are doing 4 preliminaries well, you can also be cultivating Mahamudra. Guru has lots of books on these. Transformation into light is Mahamudra! Therefore are you visualizing well during cultivation?

Did you listen to the speech I gave in seattle back in 7 nov 2009? It all derives from 4 immeasurables n main ingredient is Boddhicitta! Guru taught me astrally; while I was cultivating 4 preliminaries in Singapore n he is in seattle.
just like the repostiioning article..

[link: http://otuschef.blogspot.sg/2010/12/15-12-2010-dharma-talk-7-november-2009.html]

CT: i try to visualize well, but i’m not very successful at it

i havent listen to your nov ’09 speech yet

LC: hahaha! the article about the one that moves like light n wind, well, go n read it again….

there are certain key points to visualization…. do resource path well

CT: i wasnt familiar w/ the resource path until i read your blog

LC: so u at least try to put a smile on One person’s face a day

all these in Guru’s books

CT: no, but i should start doing that

LC: u can chant lots of guru’s mantra; gao wang sutra; 100 syllable mantra n dedicate merits to all sentient beings – first step of thinking and doing for others….

OS: I could still remember during early years of my refuge, I read the book 51 and was thinking that the teaching was unreachable.
The immersion into the daily activities was the boggling thing.
Really need the courage and discipline, but you’re right that in whatever activity, the pupil needs cleansing his/her karma in the first hand.

Btw thanks for sharing the other mahamudra articles from the other volumes.
Precious information.

This is from lotus OS, who cultivates well.

CT: i think that after i finish reciting the high king sutra 1000x, i’ll try to recite the 100 syllable mantra 100,000x

LC: My dear, like to take a suggestion from me?

CT: yes, please

LC: You can start by making a Boddhicitta vow: you tell guru that from this day or moment on, you are willing to dedicate all merits to all sentient beings n may all be happy. then u don’t need to count but just chant as much as you can.

CT: i see

LC: I can share the liturgy that I prepared for those attending cultivation with me. It has my visualization techniques in English & Indonesian. However, do not circulate as those that don’t have affinity will say I am superseding Guru n create lots of negatives.

The speech in seattle by me is about bringing all to cultivate together n all chant together, therefore each one chanted multiply by all sentient beings. Cannot be counted number of times? See how great is Boddhicitta? This is mahamudra!

CT: wow, thank you. i really like your visualization instructions, especially your visualization suggestions when chanting the high king sutra.

LC: hahaha! for this sutra, I have more. n concentrating on visualization will help u drop all thoughts easily as u practice regularly

CT: i hope to be able to visualize an entire mandala, like what you suggest for gao wang jing

LC: the divinities in gao wang is immeasurable n including all sentient beings into this sutra is sharing the goodness with all.

its easy. u give me your email address n I get N to send the english version to you. O! there is a video on 1st 7 steps in mandarin, u can check out video on my blog

CT: thank you kindly _/_

LC: ok. Remember, I share cultivation techniques n don’t encourage personal consultation.  Guru said the same that day too!

CT: GM is very compassionate; he started doing personal consultation again yesterday (Monday)

LC: Yes. he said he will, but only for empowerment n cultivation only.

cannot ask why my pigs don’t eat or don’t grow well. Some even ask for names for their pets n etc.

hahaha! like one student ask me why her dad keeps drinking and depress?
another asked why her staff don’t stay long?…..

CT: i drink/smoke and i’m depressed and have anxiety

LC: personal consultation have to make appointment n pay the relevant fees!!! Hahaha!

CT: what do you charge?

LC: 300 for 20 minutes

when one cultivate, dont need to seek answer externally la

CT: i see

LC: thats why, I don’t encourage students asking personal matters.. it means they have not achieve inner peace

CT: do you have any tips on visualization suggestions for someone that will be reciting the 100 syllable mantra 100,000x

*tips and

LC: its in the liturgy, n N will send to you

CT: okay

LC: Relax. Rome is not build in a day!

in fact the gaowang visualization is an express way

same as the 100 syllable mantra one that I shared. have fun!

CT: alright, i will

LC: If u cultivate regularly, about 3weeks can see a difference. so u can take a photo before n then 3weeks later, take another.
I will teach u to see Before & After!


O! don’t leave out the 9 steps breathing


Dear readers, Mahamudra is when you are able to Yoga with Root Guru or any Yidam chosen.

Of course this is only possible if you listen to your Root Guru and cultivate accordingly and follow each stage or level as taught.

Do not be too fixated and think that the 4 preliminaries is for Beginners only. This is in all Sadhanas and you need it.

Also this practice is also called Vajrasattva Repentance Practice, just nice for clearing karmic negatives and the cleansing and purifying is Immeasurable.

Have fun cultivating!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom.

Lama Lotuschef




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