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Dearest Reverend Lotus Chef,

How could one knows if relics are original or not?
I have ever given relics to be said of sakyamuni, mogallana, and sariputra.
i have the picture too.
if you don’t mind , i would send it to you from whatsapp.
Lotus H
Hi Lotus H,
Please go read the Sarira articles I had posted to share.
The one I am wearing is gifted by Lotus YC and he said it is Sariputra’s.
I do not know how to differentiate the different types of Sariras.
All sariras with me are gifts from fellow students and I in turn gifted them to fellow students and those with affinity.
I also posted an article about bearing negative karma, whereby Guru told a story of an old lady whose son picked up a dog tooth and presented to her and told her it is from the Buddha.
She respectfully place it on her altar and did offering and homage Sincerely & regularly and her Sincerity touches the Buddha’s heart, the dog tooth started to multiply and the old lady shared them with all around her. When she passes on, there were lots of Sariras upon her cremation too.
In the Sarira & Greed articles; I explained that it is Ignorance, Greed & Aversion that contaminated the Purity of Sariras. The sariras in question are said to be from Arhats; and I also hinted that Arhats still need to cultivate Bodhicitta to Bodhisattva and Buddha levels.
Even a Dog Tooth can become a Sarira!
The Morale is Sincerity; Staunch Believe in Buddha Dharma; Compassion for others in sharing goodness; and not whether you have so call “genuine” sarira of so & so.
Goodness is to be shared!
Bear in mind Root Guru’s teachings of [Respect Guru; Treasure Dharma; Diligent Cultivation]!
That is all anyone ever need.
If you read Guru’s new book 228, when he was Atisha, he later wears his Guru’s, Serlingpa’s sarira forever with him. Sarira with Form. Dharma that is Formless. Stay with Atisha’s body forever.
 [page 172 – 阿底峡在后来,把金洲上师的舍利, 永远的戴在身上。 有形的(舍利)。无形的(法流)。永远在阿底峡身上安住。]
I hope readers understand my take on Sarira from now on.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom!
Lama Lotuschef
Pure Karma
True Buddha School

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